How To Fix Moto X Freezing Problem

Moto X, which is not so old in the smart phone world, is a pretty compact phone though the screen is 4.7 inch. This phone is slightly bigger in size than iPhone 5S, and the back of this phone is slightly curve shaped that makes easier to hold Moto X comfortably in the palm. You will get 10 mega-pixel in-build camera with the smart phone that can be used to capture good-quality images. And when comes to the price, it is really affordable.

However, despite all these things, people are thinking twice before purchasing this handset as many users are facing Moto X freezing problem very frequently. Some users have complained on the forum that the Moto X gets freeze and unresponsive very often. Many reports are there from the Moto X owners about random rebooting also. According to them, the phone reboots randomly, which is really problematic when you are doing some important work on your phone.

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Solution for Moto X freezing problem


Moto X freezing problem

Moto X freezing problem

Most likely the main culprit is an app, but there are many things that you need to check. When you face Moto X freezing problems, press the Power button and hold for few second to restart the phone. It will solve the freezing problem temporarily, but not permanently.

Below are some potential solutions for Moto X freezing problem and read on to follow them.

1. Make sure that your phone is up to date by going to Menu > Settings > About Phone > system updates.

2. Make sure that all the apps on your phone are up to date by going to Play Store > Menu > My Apps > Update All at the top right.

3. Clear app cache from your phone via Settings > Apps > All. Choose any app that you are suspecting as the culprit and causing the Moto X freezing problem, then tap on it. Next, choose Clear cache.

4. Uninstall the apps one by one to find the problematic app or you can perform Factory Reset after backup the important phone data and be careful about what you reinstall.

5. If still you experience the problem, then there might be a hardware problem, in such case contact with Motorola or the retailer.

The above steps will definitely fix moto x lagging and freezing