How To Fix MMS Download Failure Problem On Samsung Galaxy S3

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is today being considered as one of the best android phones. The Galaxy S3 can provide many facilities apart from just calling and receiving. However, this smart phone has bugs too just like the other types of mobile phones in the market. One major issue is the failure of the MMS to download on Samsung Galaxy S3.

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Let’s have a look on how to fix MMS download failure problem on Samsung Galaxy S3

When the Samsung S3 is not able to either send or receive the multimedia messages, the following procedures can always be followed to enable one to identify and solve the problem. If you do not find a solution of the MMS download failure problem on Samsung Galaxy S3 after following one step, then go ahead with the next steps.

Fix MMS Download Failure Problem On Samsung Galaxy S3


MMS Download Failure Problem

MMS Download Failure Problem On Samsung Galaxy S3

Step 1: Using the Sprint Zone, verify if the Samsung Galaxy S3 is connected to the Sprint network. The mobile data has to be enabled and in good functioning condition in order to have the multimedia messages to work properly.

> Access the Sprint Zone.

> Tap both the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the dashboard.

> Scroll to the Data network and tap.

> The status of the connection is displayed.

> Tap the update profile.

> After the update is completed, click Ok.

> Conduct a test to determine whether the issue has been resolved.

Step 2: In case there is any message indicating that the media file is too large, make an attempt of reducing the size of the file using suitable editing software. Some of the best editing programs are readily available on the Google Play Store.

Step 3: Conduct a soft reset. The soft reset will try to reconnect the Samsung Galaxy S3 device to the Sprint network. This can be done be restarting your mobile device by turning it off, removing the battery for around 30 seconds then reinserting the battery back. Now press the Power key and hold it turn on your phone. Now test your Galaxy S3 to see is the problem is resolved.

Step 4: Performing aWipe Cache PartitionWipe the temporarily stored cache on your phone. We have saved the best solution last. This will remove all unnecessary system logs. It erases none of your personal data.


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