How To Fix LG V20 Performance Issues

LG is a leading smartphone company which is based in South Korea and has moved the world with its rapid development and advancement in the smartphone and electronic niche. It’s famous all around the world for building and launching the smartest and the most innovative designs in the smartphone industry. It recently launched LG V20. With its impressive features including the 5.7-inch display. However, the users might encounter certain LG V20 performance issues. Some complained about LG V20 lag issues and the fact their LG V20 freezing, while others reported LG V20 crashing and freezing issues and LG V20 slow performance.

Since the launch of the phone, the users have constantly complained that there have been crashing and freezing issues from time to time. As per the developers of the LG V20 smartphone, these problems have been encountered on account of Android 7.0 Nougat OS. LG V20 has a pre-installed OS of Android 7.0 Nougat which cannot be downgraded to Android Marshmallow or any other older version of the Android OS. However, there could be several other reasons for the constant LG V20 performance issues. Many new users of the LG V20 smartphone rooted or installed a custom Mod or ROM. These updates might make the smartphone slower and the battery too starts draining out fast with additional bugs and lags.

If you too have been facing problems including LG V20 lag issues, LG V20 freezing, LG V20 crashing and freezing, LG V20 crashing lag, LG V20 slow performance and much more; you can follow the solutions listed here.

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Potential Fixes For LG V20 Performance Issues

If you have been facing any of the performance issues with your LG V20 smartphone, you can try resolving them on your own by doing the following:

Restart your LG V20 smartphone

All the smartphones are not designed to function in an optimized manner at all times. Therefore, this too could be one of the reasons for your LG V20 lag issues or LG V20 freezing. Your LG V20 smartphone might be running several applications simultaneously with the use of a high amount of RAM. This results in the slow speed of the phone which is referred to as the LG V20 slow performance.

The LG and the Android experts suggest that you should try restarting or rebooting your LG V20 smartphone at least once or twice a week to ensure the normal functioning of the device. When you do this, all the applications causing the lag or slow performance, which have been running in the background of the phone will close. This might resolve the problem of your LG V20 crashing and freezing.


Disabling the Bloatware Apps

If you have bought your LG V20 smartphone from the network operators like the Verizon, At&t, T-Mobile, Sprint, etc. there are high chances that your smartphone would come equipped with unwanted applications offered by these network operators. These are known as the bloatware applications and those might hinder the performance of your smartphone to a greater extent. Therefore, if you wish to resolve your LG V20 performance issues, you should disable these apps.


Make use of an alternative launcher

Another way to fix your LG V20 crashing and freezing issues could be to install a third party launcher on your smartphone. You can find several launchers on the Google Play Store, some of which are even available for free. For instance, the most preferred launcher for the LG V20 smartphone could be Nova Launcher and the Google Now Launcher which come with several features which might resolve the LG V20 performance issues.


Turning Off the Animations

Another solution to fix the LG V20 crashing and freezing and the LG V20 slow performance issues could be to turn off the animations on the LG V20 smartphone. For this, you have to enable the Developer Options on your LG V20 smartphone. To do so, you would need to go to the Settings, then About phone/device, then proceed to Software Info and then Tap on Build Numbers 7 times and after this, a message would come up “You are now a developer”.

Once you have the Developer Option on your LG V20 smartphone, you would need to scroll down and go to the options: Windows animation scale, Animator duration scale, and Transition animation scale. All you would need to do is to set each of these to zero.


Hard reset your phone

If you have tried everything and you are still experiencing LG V20 performance issues, then the last and the best alternative is to perform the factory data reset. By doing this, you will delete everything on your LG V20 smartphone including all the apps, images, messages, contacts, documents, videos and several other information. You can bring back the LG V20 smartphone to its original state by doing the hard reset.

It is essential to create a backup of all the important information of your smartphone before doing the hard reset. This will keep all your vital documents and data safe and secure. By doing hard reset on your LG V20 smartphone, you will basically bring back the phone to its original state. This way you will solve all the LG V20 performance issues including LG V20 lag issues, LG V20 freezing, LG V20 crashing and freezing, LG V20 crashing lag, LG V20 slow performance, with ease.


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