How To Fix LG V20 Bluetooth Issues

LG V20 is the next addition to its V series which has amused users with its premium features, eye-catching design, big display and a removable battery. LG has retained the same design as its predecessor while added some extra juice to be enjoyed. Some users complained about LG V20 Bluetooth issues.

Here in this article, we will highlight all the possible fixes to get rid of the LG V20 Bluetooth connectivity problems. So, read on to explore the solutions.

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Potential Fixes For LG V20 Bluetooth Connectivity Problems

Solution 1# Restart

Start with restarting your device. This might not be helpful for you to solve out the Bluetooth issue but still, it is advised to perform this step as a simple restart can fix various small glitches. So, turn off the device, wait for few seconds and turn it back on. Also, as it has a removable battery so you can pull out the battery first to wait for few seconds and then re-insert the battery to switch it on back. If this step does not work out for you, proceed to the next method.


Solution 2# Toggle the Bluetooth connection

The next step to perform is to toggle off and then on the Bluetooth connection in your LG V20 device. This is the most simple step which can work like a charm and solve the Bluetooth connectivity issue right away. The Bluetooth icon can be accessed from the notification area. So, pull down the screen and have access to the notification area. Look for the Bluetooth icon there. Then tap on it, wait for few seconds and toggle it back on.

Solution 3# Toggle the Airplane mode

If the above solutions could not help you in resolving the LG V20 Bluetooth problems, then try this method. What you need to do is go to the notification area and look for the Airplane mode. Switch it on, wait for few seconds and turn it off to see if the Bluetooth in your new device is working as before. When the Airplane mode is turned on and off, it provides a fresh start to all the connectivity in your device and thus the Bluetooth can come back to its normal operating condition. However, if you are still facing the same issue, then try other explained method below.


Solution 4# Clear the Bluetooth data

Too much of cache can sometimes create an issue and you start facing Bluetooth issues. Cache files are important. They store the temporary data and thus makes it easy to switch between apps. But when the cache data is overloaded, it can create some issues and you are required to clear the data to make sure it does not affect the performance of the device. So, when Bluetooth not working on LG V20, try clearing the cache and data of Bluetooth to see if it can solve out the issue for you. Below are the steps for that.

  • Go to the home screen of your device and tap on the app icon
  • Next, go to Settings > Application manager and swipe left or right to access “All” tab
  • It will display all the apps on your device. So look for Bluetooth and tap on that.
  • First, tap Force stop
  • Next, tap Clear cache and then tap on Clear data
  • Once done, restart the device.

Solution 5# Boot the device in safe mode

Sometimes it is nothing but a third party app that can be the real cause of the issue. So, what you can do is to boot your LG V20 in safe mode and see if the Bluetooth issue is still happening. To boot your LG V20 in safe mode, turn off your device completely and then restart it. When the LG logo appears on the screen, just press down the Volume down button till you can see the home screen. Now the device will enter into safe mode. Safe mode will be written on the left bottom of the screen.

If there is no Bluetooth issues in the safe mode and the device acts normally then it must be a third party app to create the issue. So, try finding out the culprit app by uninstalling them one by one.


Solution 6# Go through the manual to reset the connection

In case you are especially facing the Bluetooth connection issue in your LG V20 device while connecting it to the car, then this solution can come to your rescue.

  • First, check the manufacturer’s manual for your car
  • Ensure to follow all the mentioned steps properly
  • Also, head towards settings and Bluetooth, and make some changes if required
  • It is also suggested to delete all the prior pairings and set them from scratch.

Solution 7# Factory reset

Finally, if nothing works, you may perform a factory data reset. Factory reset will wipe everything off and you will have to set up your device from scratch. Before you start, backup your data.

To factory reset head towards settings > Back up & reset > Factory reset> Reset device, and then press on ‘delete all’ to confirm the process.


So, all the possible steps to fix LG V20 Bluetooth problems are listed here. Try following them one by one and it will help you get rid of the issue with ease.

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