How To Fix LG V10 Wi-Fi Issues

LG’s flagships have always had some form of allure. For the V10, many users found its rugged build and the secondary always-on screen to be amazing. While phones and features continue to astound us, one thing that is yet to change is the fact that every phone comes with its own set of bugs as well. Some of the V10 users have complained about Wi-Fi problems on their phone so we looked up solutions that can fix the common LG V10 Wi-Fi issues.

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Let’s Get the Obvious Out Of the Way

A number of Wi-Fi issues sprout from the router or the hotspot that you are using. So make sure that the router is working properly and other devices can connect to the same Wi-Fi hotspot without any problems. If other devices face a problem then you must begin troubleshooting your router instead of your V10. On the other hand, if your V10 is the only device that is unable to connect, you must also check if your device is being blocked by your router. To get help on this, you can contact your router company or you can check this on the homepage of your router. These steps are helpful in identifying whether the problem is in the phone or the router. Make sure you have a working Wi-Fi connection and you know the password to connect to the Wi-Fi hotspot before you proceed to troubleshoot your phone.


Potential Fixes For LG V10 Wi-Fi Issues


Solution 1: Toggle Wi-Fi

The best and easiest way to solve LG V10 Wi-Fi problems is by toggling the Wi-Fi on and then off again. This step can help for slow Wi-Fi connections and in cases where your LG V10 is not connecting to the Wi-Fi at all. To toggle the Wi-Fi connection, simply pull down the notification shade of your device, and look for the Wi-Fi icon. Now tap on the icon to switch it off and wait for 30 seconds. Tap on the same icon again and let your phone search for the available networks and reconnect to your Wi-Fi network. Once the connection is successfully established, try using the internet through apps and by accessing one of the browsers to check if your problem has been solved.


Solution 2: Perform a soft reset

A lot of users have found a soft reset to be helpful in solving Wi-Fi issues. Since a soft reset allows the device to shut all its processes completely and then start all over again, ensuring that minor problems in the phone are corrected automatically, it can solve Wi-Fi problems that occur because of the malfunctioning of certain processes or apps of the V10. To soft reset the device, follow these steps:

  • Remove the battery from your device and wait for 10 seconds.
  • Reinsert the battery and power on your device.
  • Allow the Wi-Fi connection to be established and check if the device is working properly.


Solution 3: Check power saving mode

While the power saving mode can be very helpful in improving the battery life of your device, it can affect the way your phone’s Wi-Fi works when the screen is turned off. To make sure that the power saving mode does not adversely affect the Wi-Fi connection, you must make sure that the phone does not restrict the Wi-Fi connection.

  • Go to the Settings menu of your device
  • Tap on Power Saving Mode
  • Check if there is any restriction on the connectivity settings.

Remove the restrictions if any, and check if your Wi-Fi problem is fixed.


Solution 4: Toggle Airplane Mode

If your LG phone won’t connect to the Wi-Fi and you see the error message that says Authentication failed even though you are connecting to the right network name with the right password, then toggling the Airplane mode can be helpful. Follow these steps:

  • Pull down the notification shade of your device
  • Switch off the Wi-Fi by tapping on the Wi-Fi icon
  • Switch on Airplane Mode by tapping on the icon
  • Now turn the Wi-Fi on and try connecting to the network
  • Once the Wi-Fi connection is established, you can switch off Airplane mode

Check if these steps have helped you resolve the problem you were facing. Remember to turn off the Airplane mode once you are connected to the Wi-Fi network or else you will not be able to make or receive calls.


Solution 5: Reconnect to the Wi-Fi network

Sometimes, disconnecting the device from the Wi-Fi network, forgetting the network and reconnecting it can resolve the problem. You must know the network name and the password for the network you want to connect to before you perform this step. Many users have found this to be an effective solution. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Head to the Settings menu of your V10 and look for Wi-Fi
  • Tap on Wi-Fi and look for the network name that you are connected to.
  • Long tap on the network name till you get the option to Forget the network.
  • Restart your device and switch on the Wi-Fi connection by tapping on the Wi-Fi icon from your phone’s notification shade.
  • Now, wait till your phone shows the network name you want to connect to and then enter the password and connect to the network.

Check if the problem is resolved by following these steps.


Solution 6: Check Wi-Fi Timer on your device

Your LG V10’s Wi-Fi connection can be affected by the Wi-Fi Timer as well. The Wi-Fi timer is switched off by default, but if you had ever turned it on or someone may have turned it on your device, then it can cause Wi-Fi problems. To check this, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Settings menu of your device
  • Tap on Wi-Fi
  • Next tap on the menu key and choose Advanced
  • Look for the Wi-Fi timer and make sure that it is Off so that your Wi-Fi does not turn off untimely.


Solution 7: Check the Security Applications

While most of the apps designed today ensure optimal use of the Wi-Fi, some of the security applications that your phone may use can have a detrimental effect on your Wi-Fi connection. If certain features of the security app you use are making it difficult for your phone to connect to the Wi-Fi network, then some tweaking may be required. Check the app settings and look for anything that may be causing the problem for the Wi-Fi connection. Reconfigure the app settings to help your phone connect to the Wi-Fi network without problems.


These are the best-tried solutions which have helped other users solve their LG V10 Wi-Fi problems. If the problem lies in the software of the device or in an app, then one of these steps should be able to solve the problem. However, some Wi-Fi issues arise from the fact that the router or the phone’s hardware is at fault. Issues with the hardware will not allow you to connect to the network or it may cause a dropping connection. To resolve this problem, taking the phone to a repair store is the best solution. If your phone is under warranty then you can take it to one of the LG outlets so that the LG professionals can resolve the problem or help you with a replacement.

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