How To Fix LG G6 Wi-Fi Issues

The LG G6 has been meticulously designed to please smartphones lovers. It has a sleek design which can give other smartphones such as Huawei or Samsung some stiff competition. However, there can be minor problems such as LG G6 won’t connect to Wi-Fi. There are three major problems that LG G6 users complained about. These include slow Wi-Fi, automatic switch between data and Wi-Fi, and the storage of saved network. These LG Wi-Fi problems can be corrected by following simple steps. You don’t have to take it to a technician when you can simple do it yourself and save a couple dollars. The article will give you descriptive solutions on how to fix LG G6 Wi-Fi issues.

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Guide: How to fix LG G6 Wi-Fi issues

Wi-Fi is too slow

Many users complained that the Wi-Fi is too slow. Loading a website takes a long time. It can be grievous when you have a slow Wi-Fi. This could be due to other applications that are open on your phone. This can be rectified by performing a clean-up and remove applications that are disrupting the internet connection.

  1. From the Home screen, press the power volume up button simultaneously.
  2. Wait a few seconds until the LG is in the recovery mode.
  3. Select “Wipe cache partition” and then start the process.
  4. After the process is complete, select “reboot system now”.


Phone not connecting to the Wi-Fi

The solution that is relatively common among all devices is to restart your modem and router. You can also switch off the Wi-Fi connection on your mobile and see if the issues resolve. Usually, this helps to solve connection issues.

  1. Restart your modem by pressing the power button.
  2. Go to settings
  3. You will see the option to turn off your Wi-Fi
  4. Once your modem restarts, turn on the Wi-Fi


Automatically switch between data and Wi-Fi

If your phone automatically switch to data when you are using your Wi-Fi then you can turn off the “smart switch network.” The smart switch network is a manufactured solution for poor connection. The LG G6 will automatically switch Wi-Fi connection when the internet is not performing at its optimal potential. This poses a problem to users because it can incur charges. Most people use Wi-Fi because it is free. Data is only used when it is absolutely necessary. To prevent your phone from doing a smart switch you can disable this feature manually.

  1. Turn on your mobile data connection
  2. Select ” Apps menu” then “settings apps” and select “Wireless”
  3. Select “Smart network switch”
  4. Disable “Smart network switch”
How to fix LG G6 Wi-Fi issues


Delete a saved network

You have saved some Wi-Fi network but you need to delete them then you can do this following some simple steps. Go to the settings app and click to the Wi-Fi section. You will see a list containing the networks that are saved on the phone. You can select the network that you want to delete and then press the Forget button. This method can be used if you need to change the password of a network that you are connected to.

  1. From the display screen select settings.
  2. Find ”Network connections” and then tap Wi-Fi.
  3. Click on the ON/OFF switch.
  4. You should see a list off all the networks saved.
  5. Click on the network you want to delete and tap the “Forget” button.
  6. The network that you choose will be forgotten.


Other solutions

In addition to the solutions mentioned above, there are a couple of things that are quite simple that you can try as well.

  1. Navigate to Settings, and enable the Airplane mode by tapping the switch next to it. Leave the mode on for a minute and then turn it off. See if the Wi-Fi is working.
  2. The next thing to try is to toggle Wi-Fi. Simply go to Settings, turn the Wi-Fi on, wait for a couple of seconds and turn it back on. You may repeat this for a couple of times.
  3. If you haven’t restarted your device for a while, do it now.
  4. Still experiencing LG G6 Wi-Fi issues? Go and reset network settings. To do that, navigate to Settings, tap General, tap Backup & Reset, select Network Settings Reset and tap Reset. Don’t worry as your data won’t be affected by this action. However, you will have to connect to the Wi-Fi network from scratch.
  5. You can reset all settings on your device. Here is how. Go to Settings > General > Backup & Reset, tap Reset settings, enter your PIN if needed, and tap Reset settings.


Wrapping up

If you have tried all of our solutions and the problem still persists you may leave a comment below and we will give you further instructions pertaining to the issue.




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