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How To Fix LG G6 Lag Problems

how to fix LG G6 performance problems

The Lg G6 is one of the best phones on the market. It has been designed to enhance the users’ experience. Though the phone may be brilliant they are not always perfect. Users can complain about their Lg G6 running slow. This could be as a result of a number of factors such as a specific application that is depleting your phone’s capacity. You may have to remove this application or update it. LG G6 lag problems when simply steps are taken by the user. This article will explore all the solutions you can use to fix LG G6 lag problems.

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How to fix LG G6 lag problems?

Restart your device

Restarting your device is the first step you should take when you experience Lag Problems. This is a simple diagnostic that you can perform if you are not technologically inclined.

  1. Press and hold the Power button located at the back of your device.
  2. You will be prompted to select restart or power off.
  3. Select restart


Close background running Apps

Applications that are downloaded on your phone could be affecting the operation of your phone. It is recommended that you have one active application running. You need to close any open application and see if the problems resolve. Please follow the step on how to close applications.

  1. Click on the square button at the bottom right of the LG G6. This will open up your currently running apps.
  2. Scroll up and down to see other running apps on the LG G6.
  3. Swipe an app from the right to the left to close it. It will disappear from the screen and then it is closed.

If you want to close applications then:

  1. To do this, tap the square button in the lower right
  2. Now tap on clear all to close all the running apps on the LG G6


Update Apps

A lag may be as a result of outdated applications. Updating your application will improve the performance of your phone. Depending on your settings, many apps will update automatically, or you can update apps directly from the Play Store app.

Update an App Directly

  1. Tap on home key and then select Play Store
  2. Tap Menu icon and then select My apps & games
  3. Select the app you want to update, and then tap UPDATE
  4. Then select CONTINUE.

Automatic update

  1. Click on the home key then select Play Store
  2. Tap on the Menu item then select Settings.
  3. Tap on Auto-update apps and select an option.
  • Your application should update automatically whenever an update becomes available
  • How To Fix LG G6 Lag Problems 2
  • Update Operating System

  • Most Android phones work better when they are using the latest operating system. If your phone is not on the latest version then you should consider updating your operating system.

Steps on how to update the Operating System:

  • 1. From the home screen, tap Settings
    • 2. Tap on General
    • 3. Scroll down and tap “About Phone”
    • 4. Tap Update Centre
    • 5. Tap Software Update
    • 6. Tap Check Now for Update. Your phone will check for any available updates

Uninstall Apps

If you installed a new app recently then you can uninstall the app and see if the lag issue disappears. Follow the instructions below to uninstall an app.

  1. From home screen, select the APPs tab
  2. Click on Settings.
  3. Select Applications.
  4. Then tap on Manage Applications.
  5. Select the desired app.
  6. Tap Uninstall.
  7. Select OK.

The application you have selected should be uninstalled and your phone should be running smoothly.


Wrapping up

The solutions above should resolve the lag issue you are experiencing with your LG G6. If you are still facing challenges, please comment below. We are happy to assist you.


  1. Mine just started running very slow a few months ago too, coincidentally shortly after I paid it off through Verizon. Although I think it may have started after one of the software updates. I have done everything they mentioned and nothing has helped me either.

  2. I have followed every step twice and once before I read the suggestions. Can you offer any further suggestions. It went from being the fastest phone I’ve ever had to the absolute slowest. It just started a couple months ago. I am considering getting another brand if I cannot get this resolved. It is moving so slowly, and even with texts I can type faster than it can respond.

  3. I have followed all the instructions on how to fix my lg g6 lag problem but the problem still persists, any help u can offer will be gratefully received

  4. I’ve tried everything and nothing seems to resolvre the issue. My G6 was Working just fine but I misplaced my phone so I suspended my service til I could replace the device, the phone was turned off when I misplaced it and the service was suspended for approximately 11 days before i found it. When i turned it back on and reactivated my service after 11 days is when I started noticing the issues. The apps take forever to load,webpages stall and take forever to load or end up timing out, videos won’t load and I have to keep refreshing until I get frustrated and give up. I thought maybe it was the memory so I
    uninstalled a bunch of apps which didn’t help. Everything is up to date. I haven’t installed any new apps. I’ve tried resetting app preferences to no avail, I’ve tried resetting network settings…,the only thing left that I can think of is to factory reset the phone and that is the . absolute last thing thing I want to do But,I may not have a choice, I’ve exhausted all other options(unless y’all can help). Thank you

  5. My lg g6 + has lag on pubg mobile game i already brought it to lg store to check is there anybody experience like this

  6. One more thing did I do to get less lag… I unactivated all notifikations from most apps.

    I think many apps looking if there are any information to notifikate from time to time, and if that not correctly handled in the background, it could steal performans and in worst case, cause lag spikes… my theory.

  7. I am pretty tech savvy and had previously done the steps listed above, however; I am still experiencing significant lag when using apps. They seem to glitch upon start up as well as during use. I have enabled developer mode to ensure when playing a game my CPU is dedicating all available memory to the game, but this only improved things slightly. I am at a lose and this is my 2nd LG G6 in 6 months due to the same issues. Once the latency gets terrible the phone stops charging. I want to add this is the first time I have tried using developer options as this was actually suggested to me by a LG tech when I cslled the LG support #.

  8. I already do all of that but my Lgh870ds still lag when i play Rules of survival. Theres no problem on my phone. Lgs lag in 3D game.

  9. Hello,

    Had a LG G6 for a year and had the mother board replaced due to the sim tray breaking off in the inside. Been working fine for a couple of days, now when I turned it on today it won’t turn on so I checked the charger and phone charging port both fine. Pressed the down button and power button to restart the phone and it came back on but glitched at the loading screen 2 times and now it is stuck on the loading screen…. not sure how I can go about this for fixing it.



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