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How To Fix LG G4 Notification LED Issue

How To Fix LG G4 Notification LED Issue 2

Quite a few LG G4 users noticed a pretty strange issue – LED keeps flashing, but once they turned on the screen, there is not a single notification. Do you have the same problem? If your answer is Yes, see the potentials solutions that will help you to fix LG G4 notification LED issue.

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Ways to fix LG G4 notification LED issue


Solution No.1: Restart your LG G4

You know that restart can be pretty effective when it comes to strange smartphone issues. That is why you should try this option first before you move to the other potential solutions.


Solution No.2: Clock application workaround

This strange LED notification issue was one of the most common problems on previous LG devices and one of the XDA developer forum members shared a potential solution. This is what the member wrote:

“Clear all Notifications
Turn off Screen
(wait for notification light to blink) Turn on Screen
Go to Clock, disable Alarm
Double tap Status bar / Turn off Screen
(wait for notification light to NOT blink) Turn on screen and enable your Alarm.

The LED light should no longer blink for no reason.”


Try this workaround because many people reported it fixed the problem.


Solution No.3: Turn the LED off and turn it back on

If you are still experiencing the problem, you should disable LED. To do that, navigate to Settings > Sound & Notification, tap on Notification LED and disable it. Wait for a couple of seconds and turn it back on.


Solution No.4: Remove the battery and put it back in

When you have a problem, you will try all the known tricks, and this is one of the tricks that can fix the issue. Just remove the battery from your device, wait for a couple of seconds and then put it back in. Turn your device on. Hopefully, the LED notification issue will be gone.


Solution No.5: Safe mode

There are tons for awesome apps out there, but some apps are poorly coded, which is why they can be responsible for a wide range of problems. If you noticed any other issue that occurred along with the LED notification problem, perhaps one of the apps is to blame. Boot your device into safe mode, where all third-party apps are disabled. If everything works fine, the app is the problem. You can remove the apps one by one, or you can go for factory data reset.

  • Turn off your LG G4 and reboot it
  • When you see the LG logo on the screen press and hold the Volume down key and release it when you see the Home screen.


Solution No.6: Factory reset

This may be a bit radical solution but if you are annoyed by the issue and nothing else works, factory reset is the answer. It will wipe out all your personal settings, the apps (only third-party apps), apps settings and your data. Backup your data first, and then do the following:

  • Navigate to Settings
  • Tap General
  • Tap Backup & Reset
  • Click on Factory Data reset
  • Tap Reset phone
  • Tap Erase everything.


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1 comment
  1. Hi,
    This blinking red LED issue on my Stylo 4 was driving me crazy!
    Yes, solution 1, and a modified version of 2 above worked for me. Solution 3 did not work for me. I did not try any other of the solutions mentioned, way too cumbersome for me.
    The modified version for solution 2 is to
    > set up a calendar event for !!!!now!!!!,
    > let the phone notify you,
    > clear the notification
    and phone will stop blinking.

    !!!!!But looks like I found an easier and faster way!!!!!
    > Just swipe down the top of the home screen,
    > turn flashlight on, this will immediately set a notification that the flashlight is on
    > turn the flashlight back to off,
    > clear that notification
    Wa-Lah!!!!, LED is now off until you get another REAL notification!!!
    I hope this works for you as it does for me. I do hate stuff with software bugs (unfortunately this is the world we live in) and I’m not usually playing with my cell phone like the rest of the world. The blinking red light is the only thing that makes me look at the phone. So, I wanted it to work right and only blink as a result of a meaningful notification. Cannot fix it, but looks like, I found an easy way to mitigate the software bug or mis-notification issue.

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