How to Fix LG G2 Lagging Issue

If you are using an LG G2, you may face lagging issue as a large number of LG G2 owners have complained about this problem. The LG G2 Lagging Issue is very annoying when you are in a hurry to call someone or want to send an urgent mail. Well, some ways are there following which you can get rid of this problem.

Not only LG G2, many high-end smart phones also deteriorate with time because with time, you keep installing more and more apps in your phone. The more apps are running, the faster the performance of the device will be slowed down because of a lot of services that use RAM. Moreover, a lot of cache files in the phone mean it will take more time to read and index them. Thus the phone performance gets slow down.

How to Fix LG G2 Lagging Issue

How to Fix LG G2 Lagging Issue

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Ways to fix LG G2 Lagging Issue

Two ways are there to fix the LG G2 Lagging Issue and bring back your phone to its previous speed.

First step-Wipe cache partition

If you do not want to take the hassle of backing up your phone’s data, then follow this process.

Touch Apps from the Home screen. Then go to settings, after that General tab. Now tap Storage, wait for sometime until the menu options finish calculation. Next, you need to touch Cached Data and then press OK. Wait for some time until the Cached data is cleared. It may take several seconds depending upon the size. The cached data will not be there, and the storage will refresh when the process is completed.

After following this process if you find the LG G2 Lagging Issue is not fixed properly, i.e. the phone has not come back to its optimal performance, then you need to perform a factory reset.

Second step- Factory reset

This process will delete all the data (contacts, files, messages, etc.), so backup them first and then start the process.

Touch Menu key from Home screen. Next, touch System Settings, next General and scroll the screen to get “PERSONAL”. Now Backup and Reset option needs to be tapped, then factory data reset. Tap Reset phone and then Erase everything. Tap OK after reviewing the warning.


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