How To Fix LG G2 Fast Battery Drainage Issue

If you have owned a new LG G2 device and facing the poor battery life issue, then of course you might be worried and thinking how to handle this issue. However, this is a common issue, and the problem can be fixed easily. Normally, this problem occurs if you use various apps altogether or due to some specific apps that consume more battery. There may be some other reasons also. However, this LG G2 Fast Battery Drainage Issue can be fixed by the below steps.

How To Fix LG G2 Fast Battery Drainage Issue

How To Fix LG G2 Fast Battery Drainage Issue

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Steps to Fix LG G2 Fast Battery Drainage Issue

Step one: Boot the phone in safe mode

> First boot the phone in safe mode to make sure that there are no problems in the hardware. Long press and hold on the power button will give the option to power off.

> Select power off and hold it.

> Choose the option ‘Reboot to safe mode’ and press Ok.

> Your phone will be restarted after rebooting, and Safe mode will be appeared in the screen in the bottom left corner.

Now your phone is in safe mode. Observe that if the issue is still there. If the battery drains at the same rate as previous and no changes, you can notice that says core services and the pre-installed apps are causing the problem. Otherwise, any third-party app is the reason of this LG G2 fast battery drainage issue. In either case, factory reset is the best option to handle the problem.

Step two: Factory Reset

> Go to the system settings from Menu

> Select general and scroll down to find Personal.

> Choose back up and Reset

> Select Factory Data reset

> Now press Reset phone and then Erase everything button.

> Press ok to allow the factory reset by going through all the warnings.

Your problem should be resolved by this process. However, make sure to back up all the data before heading for factory reset.