How To Fix iPhone 8 Random Restarts

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are the latest flagships from Apple that has gained huge popularity. These devices are designed to deliver an excellent performance. However, bugs have not spared this device as well and many of the iPhone 8 users have come forward with some issues. Many complain about iPhone 8 random restarts. This is not a hardware issue rather it’s happening due to some small glitches such as faulty apps, battery or software update.

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How To Fix iPhone 8 Random Restarts Issue:

Solution 1: Force restart

The first solution to get rid of the iPhone 8 random restarts is to perform a hard reset. A hard reset takes just a few seconds but it can resolve many bugs and issues. Here is how to do it:

  • To force restart your iPhone 8, press and release the Volume up button first.
  • Next, press and release the Volume down button.
  • Now, hold and keep pressing the Sleep/Wake button till you see the Apple logo on the phone’s screen.

How To Fix iPhone 8 Random Restarts

Solution 2: Software update

While a software update can work on a bug fixing it has the power to mess things as well. So, first remember if you have recently got a software update and faced the random restart issue just after that. Keep in mind that the phone needs some time to settle – a day and sometimes even more.

If you did not get any software update since you bought it, we recommend you to go for the update first. A software update carries numerous bug fixes, so who knows if this can actually solve the random restarts issue on your iPhone 8. Go to Settings > General > Software update.


Solution 3: Update each and every app

Head towards the App Store and check if an update is available for the apps you are using. Sometimes the old version of an app can create issues. So it’s best to stay updated always. Go to App store > Updates and tap on the tab ‘Update all the apps’.


Solution 4: Clean up the device

When our device gets filled with so many junk files, it can give birth to numerous issues including the iPhone 8 random restarts issue. So, it is always good to clear up all the junk files from your device to free up the extra space. Also, delete all those unused and default apps that have occupied a valuable amount of space on your phone.


Solution 5: Contact Apple Support

Finally, if nothing can help you out in resolving the issue, contact the Apple support. They will help you get rid of the issue. When the phone is under warranty period, you can go for a replacement.


So, this is how to fix iPhone 8 random restarts issue. Perform all the above steps one by one and you most likely be able to fix the issue soon.

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