How To Fix iPhone 7 Plus Freezing Issues

iPhone 7 Plus is the flagship device of 2016 that comes packed with a heavy price tag. However, it is must mention that the performance and futures of this latest Apple smartphone is amazing that will compel you to have one if you are an iPhone fan and have a big budget. However, issues go hand in hand with the smartphone and they have not spared the iPhone 7 Plus also. Many of the users have stated that their iPhone 7 Plus is frozen very often for some unknown reasons and this leave them in a very annoying situation. If you are facing the same issue then read this article carefully as it contains all the possible fixes for iPhone 7 Plus freezing issues.

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Potential Fixes For iPhone 7 Plus Freezing Issues

Method 1: Restart the iPhone 7 Plus

Whatever issue you face in any smartphone, the first suggestion is to perform a restart that is able to fix up many small firmware issues. If you haven’t restarted your iPhone 7 Plus for a few days, several apps start freezing or crashing and this cause the entire device to freeze very often. So, go for restarting first and if it is not able to resolve the issue for you then move to another method.

The process of restarting the iPhone 7 Plus is different than other iPhone. Here is how to restart the iPhone 7 Plus. Press and hold down the Sleep/Wake and Volume down button altogether for around 10 seconds till the Apple logo appears on the screen.

Method 2: Update the software

The next task is to check for update. Ensure the is updated with the latest software available as the latest software comes with bug fixing that can resolve many issues while it brings differences in the performance as well.  So check for software update by going to Settings > General > Software update.

Method 3: Close running applications

Sometimes it is nothing but the third party apps to create such annoying issue. The app becomes unresponsive for some reason which gives rise to iPhone 7 Plus freezing issue. So, simply close that app to see if that brings any differences in the freezing issue. But if you face such issue while running multiple apps together, then just close the app that you are not using presently. To close any app press the home button twice in a row and it will open all the running apps. Now long press on any open app till red circle with a minus sign appears on every app. What all apps are to be closed, tap on the minus sign on them and that app will be closed. When done, tap on the Home button twice again to close the row.

Method 4: Get rid of bad apps

Is there any bad app in your iPhone 7 Plus? Apple can take responsibility of its own apps but the third party apps can’t be handled by them. So try to remember if you have installed any third party app that did not have great reviews and just delete it from your device to resort the iPhone 7 Plus freezing issue.

Method 5: Download a System Monitor

A system monitor offers you useful information regarding the phone’s performance such as cache details, memory usage, system logs etc. So, having an eye on all these information will let you identify the problematic apps or that particular setting which is actually causing the entire device to go on freezing mode.

Method 6: Factory reset

If all the above methods stated above remain unsuccessful to resort the iPhone 7 Plus freezing issue then the final resort is factory reset. This process will definitely resolve the issue but will erase data from the device. So, you need to set it from scratch. Here is how to perform a factory reset. First, don’t forget to backup you data.

Head towards Settings > General > Reset and tap Erase all content and settings. It might take few minutes to reset depending on how much data is there on your iPhone 7 Plus. Once done, the welcome screen will appear and you will be then asked to swipe to continue.

So, these are the methods to fix the iPhone 7 Plus freezing issue. Try to perform the stated steps one by one and it will definitely help you get rid of the freezing issue.

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