How To Fix IPad Pro Can’t Connect To Wi-Fi

Before Apple officially launched their iPad Pro, we could read many rumors about its design, display size, features, abilities, and the price. It was one of the main topics in the tablet world for a really long time, and it still is. While some would say it’s too bulky, the others praise the size of the screen, because now they can do so many things and complete a lot of tasks on your iPad, which makes it ideal for those who use it for work. There have not been many complaints about its performance, but one of the issues that popped up is related to Wi-Fi as some people reported the problem saying “iPad Pro can’t connect to Wi-Fi”. See the potential solutions below, and try them out.

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Ways to fix iPad Pro Can’t connect to Wi-Fi


Solution No.1: Toggle Wi-Fi

Before you move to other, a bit more complicated options, try a few simple ones. The first thing you should do is toggle Wi-Fi, turn it off and back on. You may try this a few times to see what happens. When you are done, make sure the Wi-Fi is set to ON.


Solution No.2: Toggle Airplane mode

Next, toggle Airplane mode. Go to Settings, turn the Airplane mode on, wait for about 10 seconds and turn it back off. Many people think this is crazy, but they change their minds once they see this simple trick can solve the problem. Make sure to try this out!


Solution No.3: Restart your iPad Pro

Restart can be pretty effective as well. Sometimes, your precious iPad Pro needs a fresh start, and that is exactly what it will get after you turn it off and turn it back on.


Solution No.4: Restart your router

You should do the same thing with your router. Unplug it, wait for a couple of seconds and then plug it back in. Hopefully, you’ll be able to connect to a Wi-Fi network now.


Solution No.5: Make sure your router firmware is up to date

Often, the reason why the problem occurs is because the router firmware is not updated. Visit the manufacturers website, find your router model there, and see if there are any updated available.


Solution No.6: Disable MAC filtering

The problem can be fixed once the MAC (Multimedia access control) filtering is turned off on the router. The steps for this vary and depend on the router model, which is why you can Google this. Just type How to turn off, or how to disable MAC filtering followed by the model of your router.


Solution No.7: Reset network settings

To reset network settings on your iPad Pro, follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap General
  • Tap Reset
  • Click Reset network settings.


Solution No.8: Reset all settings

By doing this, your data won’t be deleted. Do the following:

  • Navigate to Settings
  • Tap General
  • Tap Reset
  • Click Reset all settings.


We hope that one of the solutions listed above worked for you and that your iPad Pro can connect to Wi-Fi now!


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