How To Fix Htc One M8 Not Connecting To Wifi

Are you facing wifi connection issue on your Htc One M8? HTC One M8 is the most impressive smart phone the company has come up with. The speedy performance and software take the phone to another level, and all the features are wrapped in the attractive aluminum skin. The design is really another attractive thing of this smart phone. The all-metal unibody frame and round shaped edge make the phone easy and comfortable to carry and grip. But some drawbacks are also there such as the battery is not removable, the camera quality is moderate and unlike its competitors, the phone is not water resistant.

HTC One M8 Not Connecting To Wifi

HTC One M8 Not Connecting To Wifi

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Besides these drawbacks some flaws or bugs also have found in this smart phone. Htc One M8 Not Connecting To Wifi is one of them. A lot of users have been encountering this issue. Some say that they cannot connect their phone to wifi, some say the connection is very slow and for some users, the wifi connection is drooping very frequently.

Wifi connection issue is common for most of the smart phones. We already discussed the fixes for Galaxy S5 wifi connection issue, Galaxy s3 wifi connection issue and so on. Here we will discuss the potential fixes for HTC One M8 Not Connecting To Wifi issue.

Possible Fixes For Htc One M8 Not Connecting To Wifi Issue

There could be several reasons behind this problem, so you have to try different steps to fix this problem.

> Switch on the Airplane mode on your HTC One M8 and then off it again. Now restart your phone and see.

> Restart both, your phone and the router. Now check if the Htc One M8 Not Connecting To Wifi issue is solved. This step may solve the problem temporarily but there are chances of occurring it again.

> Delete your connection and then enter all the details manually.

> You can install free app named Wi Fi Analyzer App in order to check that your channels are not too crowded. If yes, then you should switch to another channel.

> Make sure that the firmware of your router is up to date.

> Check your phone’s Mac filter, have a look at the router settings to make sure everything is ok.

If all these steps fail to solve Htc One M8 Not Connecting To Wifi, you should contact with your carrier or service center.