How to Fix HTC 10 Wi-Fi Connection Problems

HTC 10 is the awesome combination of great specs and beautiful design. Although there are great reviews of the amazing HTC 10, the phone does have a few problems, none of which are too big and can be easily solved with some easy workarounds. The most encountered problem which the HTC 10 users face is related to Wi-Fi. The common HTC 10 Wi-Fi issues and their solutions are mentioned below.

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The most common HTC 10 Wi-Fi connection problems and how to fix them

Problem: HTC Automatically Switches From Wi-Fi to Data


HTC 10 has been designed in a way that the WiFi connection automatically switches to data. The already activated setting is known as “Smart Network Switch” which was designed by its developers to robotically switch between mobile networks and WiFi so that LTE can build up a stable network connection always. However, you can change the settings by following the steps below:

  1. From Home Screen click on Apps located below the device screen
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Click on WiFi
  4. Select Advanced
  5. Toggle Auto switch to mobile network to disable or enable (if required)


Problem:  Wi-Fi is not Connecting or Dropping

This is one of the most common HTC 10 Wi-Fi connection problems. There might be times when your device will not connect to a certain network or even if it connects the speed of the net is very slow or drops frequently. Read out the solutions here.

Solution 1

Switch off your phone and turn it on again; hold the Power button and select Power Off. Restart your router and modem too.

Solution 2

You can also drop down the notification shade and select WiFi or go to Settings > Wi-Fi. There look for the problematic network, click and hold it, and select the ‘Forget network’ option. Switch off the Wi-Fi and turn it on again, and set up a connection from the beginning.

Solution 3

Make sure the software of your device it up to date. Go to Settings > About Software update.

Solution 4

Check the website for your router’s manufacturer and see whether there is any firmware update available; if so then update your router’s firmware.

Solution 5

There may be times when you are trying to use a crowded channel. There are some free apps which help you check the traffic i.e to see the crowd of the channels. One of such apps is Wifi Analyzer. You could then get in touch with your router’s ISP or manufacturer and get the channel changed.

Solution 6

Ensure that MAC filtering is not enabled on your router. Go to Settings > About > Phone identity, under Wi-Fi MAC address and turn it off.

Solution 7

If nothing seems to work then you can go for a Factory Reset. Factory reset will erase everything on your HTC 10. You will have to back-up the data of your device before doing a Factory Reset. Once done, go to Settings > Backup & reset > Factory data reset and that’s it.

There is another way performing a Factory Reset using the following steps:

  • Switch off the HTC 10 device.
  • Hold and press Volume Up, Home button and Power button at the same time, till you see the logo of HTC.
  • From Recovery Mode select menu ‘wipe data / factory reset’use the Volume buttons for navigation and the Power button to confirm.
  • Select ‘Yes – delete all user data’ to confirm the complete procedure.
  • Once done then select option ‘reboot system now’.


Problem: Wi-Fi is Slow

In case of a slow WiFi connection there are a couple of solutions which can be followed:


Wiping the cache partition definitely helps. Follow the below steps to wipe off the cache partition.

  • First of all switch off the HTC 10 device
  • Hold the Home Button, Volume Up and the Power Off together at the same time
  • Wait for a few seconds, your smartphone will vibrate once go into the recovery mode.
  • Look for the “wipe cache partition” and select that.
  • The process of wiping the cache takes some time. Once the process is over you can restart your HTC 10 device using the ‘Reboot System Now’


For most users, these solutions have worked and their smartphone did not face any WiFi issues later but if you have followed all the solutions but nothing seems to work contact the store where you purchased your phone or your carrier.



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