How To Fix HTC 10 Poor LTE Signal

The HTC 10 is an amazing smartphone armed with some of the best features which an Android device could have. There are millions of happy customers absolutely in love with this cool phone. However there have been some users of HTC 10 who have reported glitches in the phone, none of them is severe but have interfered in the performance of the device. One of them is the HTC 10 poor LTE signal.

LTE is Long Term Evaluation; it is a 4G wireless communications standard development which has been specifically designed to deliver IP-based voice, multimedia and data streaming at a minimum speed of 100 Mbit per second and a maximum of 1 Gbit per second.

The new technology handsets are coming enabled with LTE and HTC 10 too is among the smartphones updated with this technology. LTE signal system is in its blossoming period and there are some users who seem to be troubled with poor LTE signal. There have been complaints about having a proper connection in certain areas with some carriers. Users on the T-Mobile having the unlocked version of HTC 10 device have the problem after there was an update in the firmware. This also leads to battery drain most of the times.

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Potential fixes for HTC 10 poor LTE signal

Solution 1

You can go to Settings > Mobile data > Network mode and force your device to look for LTE. If you think you are experiencing rapid battery drain you could stay with HSPA or 3G network. Nevertheless, this is determined by on the options you have in the Network mode of your HTC 10 device.


Solution 2

Another solution to the problem could be that you turn on your WiFi even if there are no active WiFi networks around. Many users have used this step and it has seemed to work for them.


Solution 3

There are times that a soft reset will bring back the connectivity and your LTE signal problem could be solved. In order to reset your HTC 10, follow the steps below:

  • Press and hold the Power key. Ignore any screen changes or prompts if any.
  • Continue to hold the Power key till your HTC 10 turns off.
  • Your device will now automatically turn back on.
  • Now test your phone to check if the issue is resolved.


Solution 4

HTC always likes to keep its device updated and the developers keep coming up with new updates to fix bugs and issues. Software Updates seem to fix such issues and as the next update is out you would get a notification. However if you still wish to confirm and make sure that you did not miss out on any updates you can always check manually. You can go to Settings > About > Software updates, if there are any updates that you have missed you can click on update and complete the procedure of software update.



If the problem continues, you need to get in touch with HTC or your carrier and send in your device for repair or a replacement.


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