How to fix Google play store error 403

Google play store error 403 is one of the most common errors that users face very frequently. Error 403 occurs when you try downloading some apps from the Google play store and the downloading become unsuccessful. But there are various ways to fix Google Play store error 403.

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How to fix Google play store error 403

How to fix Google play store error 403

Methods to fix Google play store error 403

Method 1

The main reason of the error 403 is the proxy settings, so you need to disable it. To do that, Head to settings > wireless and network > mobile network > APN (Access point name) and then select clear proxy option to be confirmed that proxy setting is off. Now again try downloading app and most probably there will be no such error.

Method 2

Sometimes this problem occurs due to weak Internet connection. There is a way that can strengthen the net connection to fix Google play store error 403.

Turn on the Airplane mode in your phone and wait until you notice a picture of a plane. Now turn it off. Wait for the signal and Internet connectivity in your phone and again try to download to see whether it works.

Method 3

If both the above methods do not work out for you, then go for the third method. This process requires you to delete the search history from Google play store. Open the Google play store first and go to settings by pressing the menu button. Choose the option clear search history. This will delete all the search history from Google play store.

Method 4

Alternate Google account which is linked with the Gmail account can sometimes be the reason of the issue. So generate a new Gmail account and then go to the Google play store > press the menu button > Accounts > choose the alternative Gmail account (new one) and try to download the app now without any error.

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