How to Fix Google Pixel Wi-Fi Problems

The famous form of Android along with an impressive design and an outstanding performance made Google Pixel one of the most splendid Android devices that we can come across. So when users started to talk about problems on the device, we decided to list the solutions so that you can continue enjoying the Google Pixel. A number of users complained about Google Pixel Wi-Fi issues, and you are experiencing the same, try the solutions below.

Note: For these solutions for Google Pixel Wi-Fi issues keep in mind that your router and Wi-Fi connection are working fine. Please make sure that other devices are able to connect to your router and that your router is not blocking the Google Pixel from connecting before you troubleshoot the device and try to fix it.

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Potential Fixes For Google Pixel Wi-Fi Issues


Toggle the Wi-Fi button and Flight mode

The best way to solve a Google Pixel Wi-Fi connectivity issues is to switch off and switch on the Wi-Fi. A simple toggling of the Wi-Fi has fixed connectivity problems for a lot of users. And if this does not work, then you can try toggling the Airplane mode by accessing it from the pull-down menu or by going into the Settings menu. You simply have to tap on Airplane Mode to switch it on and then after waiting for 30 seconds, tap it again to switch it off.


Restart Your Google Pixel

If the Wi-Fi is not connecting or the Wi-Fi keeps dropping on Google Pixel then restart the device and wait till the Wi-Fi connection is established. Then check if your phone’s WI-FI is working again. A lot of times, your phone may face problems which can be solved easily through a restart.


Reset The Router And Modem

Once you have restarted your Google Pixel device, the next job is to reset the router and modem. To restart the modem what you need to do is unplug the modem or router from its main power source. Wait for few seconds, around 15-20 seconds and then plug back the power cord. Turn on the switch. Wait for the internet light to be turned on. It becomes green usually when the router becomes on. Now, try connecting with the internet and see if the Wi-Fi in your Google Pixel device working or not.


Check Power Saving Mode

There is a chance that you may have switched on the Power Saving feature on your device and you have forgotten to remove the Wi-Fi restrictions. This will bar your phone’s Wi-Fi connection and you will find Wi-Fi not working on Google Pixel. Go to Settings menu of your device and then tap on Battery and then Power Saving Mode. Now look for the Data restrictions and switch it off if it is on. Check if this fixes your Wi-Fi problems.

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Forget The Network and Reconnect

Some users find that they were able to connect after forgetting the network and then re-establishing the connection all over again. You will require the password for connecting to the network when you try to establish the connection again. So make sure you know the password before you try this step.

To do this, go to the Settings menu of your Pixel phone, tap on Wi-Fi, if it is on, you will be able to see the network you are connected to or trying to connect to. Long press on the network name and tap on Forget network. Now switch off the Wi-Fi and wait for 5 seconds, then switch it on. Tap on the network name that you want to connect to and enter the password. Then check if the problem is fixed.


Check the Wi-Fi Timer

Google Pixel has a Wi-Fi timer which can turn off the Wi-Fi after a given period of time. To check if your device has the Wi-Fi timer on, you must go to the Settings menu of your device and then tap on Wi-Fi. Now tap the Menu key and go to Advanced. Look for Wi-Fi timer and if it is switched on, then make sure you toggle it Off.


Check the Browser and Homepage on Your Device

Sometimes, we may think that our device is not working because a certain application does not work on the internet. So open your browser and enter a homepage that you know like and then hit search. Alternatively, you can simply use the Google Search Engine and check if the device is able to return results. If you are able to use the internet successfully then there is a chance that the problem may lie in the app that you are trying to use.


Check the Date and Time on Your Google Pixel

The date and time of your phone can make a difference too. So, check if the date and time are accurate or not. It is best to allow automatic settings for your phone’s date and time so that it can automatically show the right date and time. If they are incorrect then correct it from the Settings of your Pixel phone before connecting to Wi-Fi.


Clear The App Cache

All the apps that you have in your device have their own cache where the password, username and other temporary data is being saved. But as the amount of this cache is enhanced it can lead to various issues including this Wi-fi problem in the device. So, it is suggested to clear the app cache once to see if this step can fix up the issue for you. Here is how to do that.

Head towards settings> app manager> select the app that’s cache is to be cleared> tap on the app info screen> clear cache and that’s it. But this process requires you to select the app one by one to clear their cache.

However, if you want to clear cache of all apps altogether, just press down the settings tap and head towards storage option. . Tap on cached data then which will delete cache from all the apps.


Clear The System Cache

If clearing app cache does not help you much in solving the Wi-Fi issue in your Google Pixel device then clearing system cache can do the trick sometimes. To clear system cache follow the below steps carefully.

  • First turn off the device completely.
  • Next press and continue holding down the Volume up, Power and Home button together. Wait for few seconds then.
  • As the phone starts vibrating, release the power button only.
  • It will bring the system recovery screen. Release all other buttons then.
  • Now use the volume down button to highlight ‘wipe cache partition’ and select that using the power button.
  • Next, go for rebooting the system. It will take few seconds which will then clear all the cache from your device.


Factory Reset

Finally, while you have tried all other methods but left with the same issue factory reset is probably the last step that can help you in such situation. But remember to have a backup first as this process will erase everything from the Pixel device.

To factory reset, open the settings app and head towards back up & reset> factory data reset> reset phone.  And then you will be prompted to tap on erase everything which will finally erase everything from your device.

This will leave the device in a brand new phone and you need to set it from scratch. This step will mostly fix the Wi-Fi issue in your Google pixel device.

These are some of the most common solutions which have helped a number of users solve problems with the Wi-Fi on their Google Pixel phones.


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