How To Fix Google Pixel Battery Life Issues

Are you trying to find ways to fix Google Pixel battery life issues? We have some solutions that can help you improve the battery life on this splendid device.

Google has advertised hedonistically about the battery life of its immaculately cool new smartphone – Google Pixel. The longevity of the battery life of this phone depends entirely on its usage. While the average user may find the battery life to be highly satisfying, power users may end up complaining about battery drain. To think of it, may be it is not the phone as much as our use of the phone that ends up deciding how well the battery performs. So for those who have been grudging about the battery life of their Google Pixel, here are a few solutions that may help you.

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Ways to fix Google Pixel Battery Life Issues

Solution 1: Battery Saver Mode

All Android devices have a power saving mode which is known to help to a certain extent when it comes to increasing the battery life of a device. Similarly, with Android at its purest form, Google Pixel has a Battery Saver Mode which you can rely on to fix the Google Pixel battery life issues.

  • Pull down the notifications shade and look for Batter Saver Mode
  • Tap on it to switch the mode on

Once the battery saver mode is on, your phone will reduce vibration, limit location services and also decrease the power used in lighting up your screen. By limiting these services, you will notice a small change in the way your battery is utilized. Power users may require more ways to figure how to increase battery life, but average users will find the battery saver mode to be effective enough.


Solution 2: Optimize Your Phone Settings

While it may sound pretty basic, there is a chance that you may have overseen the fact that you can save a substantial amount of battery by simply changing some of the settings on your device. Change the screen display to a shorter time before it turns off.

  • Go to the Settings menu of your Pixel phone
  • Tap on Display and then look for Sleep
  • Check the duration that is selected before your phone’s screen turn off. The ideal duration is 15 or 30 seconds. Pick one of these to save battery.

The brightness level of the screen and the type of wallpaper you choose can also make a difference. If you happen to be a power user, then pick a static wallpaper instead of a live one. It will help you save some battery. At the same time, you may even consider lowering the brightness of the screen from the notifications shade. You can always adjust it according to your lighting conditions if you need to use it in sunlight. You can also use adaptive brightness for better use of the battery.

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on Display and toggle on Adaptive brightness

Other ways to reduce battery use is by adjusting the vibration, background sounds and the LED notification on your device. All of these are available from the Settings menu of your Pixel phone.


Solution 3: Optimize The Apps

Optimizing the way an app uses your phone’s battery can help you save battery for other work. The good news is that Google has designed Pixel to automatically identify the ways in which an app can be optimized. But if you would like to manually optimize the apps for battery saving, then follow these steps:

  • Head into the Settings menu of your Pixel phone
  • Tap on Battery and then tap on the Menu button
  • Tap on Battery Optimization from the drop down menu

You will find a list of apps that cannot be optimized or that have not been optimized by your phone. Tap on the app that you would like to optimize to switch on battery optimization for the app. If you want to check all the apps on your device, then tap on the top menu bar and tap on All Apps to check all the apps on your device.


Solution 4: Check the Background Settings of Your Phone

How your Pixel’s battery is used in the background or when the screen is off can make a difference. Sometimes you may be dealing with mischievous apps that can have a huge impact on the battery life of your device. Some apps continue to run in the background even when you are not using it any longer. There are other apps that use background data so that you can get notifications.

Analyze these apps and look for the use of the battery in the background to identify the ways in which you can save your phone’s battery. If you happen to use Wi-Fi for your device then remember to switch off the Wi-Fi when it is not in use. If your device is used as a hotspot, make sure you switch off the hotspot when other devices are not connected to it.

Another easy way to save battery is by changing the Wi-Fi Settings from the Settings menu of your device so that your phone does not use WI-Fi in the background when your phone’s screen is off. This will reduce the amount of work your phone does in the background and help you save battery.

Another important thing to remember is that your phone’s battery usage is highly dependent on the number of active accounts you have on your device. Notifications are pulled through for all these accounts whether you are checking them or not, so if you want to save battery, remove inactive accounts from your device. For this, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Settings menu of your device
  • Tap on Users
  • Now look for the accounts that you do not use and tap on Settings right next to them
  • Next tap on Remove User to remove the account from your device

You can always add an account later if you would like to use it on your device in the future.


Solution 5: Additional Battery Saving Tips

If you are an average user who does not have a problem with your phone’s battery very often but you have noticed that the Google Pixel battery life problems crop up when you have a dropping Wi-Fi connection or a bad network signal, then you may want to stop your device from reconnecting time and again because it loses a lot of power in doing so. If you are at a place with a bad network or you do not have a proper Wi-Fi connection then switch off these services temporarily till you are in a location where the network is better. Using Airplane Mode is effective to combat dropping network signals.

  • Pull down the notifications shade on your Google Pixel
  • Look for the Airplane icon and tap on it to enable Airplane Mode

In this mode, your phone will not try to connect to the network and you will be able to save battery that may be otherwise lost in an attempt to search for signals and continuously try to connect to them.



These are the best ways to fix the battery life issues on Google Pixel. If you have a problem with the Google Pixel battery draining fast, then try these solutions to help improve the battery life of your device.

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