How To Fix Google Pixel 2 XL Wi-Fi Issues

While Google Pixel 2 XL is an amazing device, you may stumble upon an issue every now and then. While users of this new phone have started complaining about various issues, the Wi-Fi issue is among common ones. This article explains how to fix Google Pixel 2 XL Wi-Fi issues in detail. However, before going ahead ensure to check the below-mentioned points:

  • The Wi-Fi is turned on in the Google Pixel 2 XL.
  • The Airplane mode is off.
  • And, the Wi-Fi is connecting to other devices.

Now, once you have checked this, move on to perform the below-mentioned tips.

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How To Fix Google Pixel 2 XL Wi-Fi Issues

Restart the phone

A restart is known as one of the simplest and most powerful solutions. Press the side button hard and the Google Pixel 2 XL will turn off. Wait for a couple of seconds and turn your phone back on. You can solve many bugs this way. What’s more, your device will get a quick refreshment and it will perform better.

How To Fix Google Pixel 2 XL Wi-Fi Issues

Restart the modem

The next step is to restart the modem and router. Unplug the router, wait for a few seconds and plug it back. Also, tap the reset button located at the back of the router and your router will reset. Now, check if the Wi-Fi issue on your Google Pixel 2 XL is resolved.

Toggle the Wi-Fi and Flight mode

Toggle the Wi-Fi switch once and turn it off. Wait for 15-20 seconds and turn it back on. Also, turn on the Airplane mode, and turn it back off after a couple of seconds. This process is very helpful as it will restart all the connectivity options.

Check the Wi-Fi password

Check if the password you have entered is correct. This can be checked by going to Settings. So, head towards Settings > Wi-Fi and then tap on the Wi-Fi network name. Now tap on the option ‘show password’ and it will display the password. Check if the Wi-Fi password is correct or not.

Remove and reconnect the Wi-Fi network

Removing and adding back the troubled Wi-Fi network can help you a lot to fix Google Pixel 2 XL Wi-Fi issues. Go to Settings > Wi-Fi > Tap the name of the Wi-Fi network > Forget. Now, re-add the network again by going to Settings > Wi-Fi > Add network.

Reset the network settings

Another useful way to fix Google Pixel 2 XL Wi-Fi issues is by resetting the network settings. This will erase all the network settings and you will have to set it from scratch. Go to Settings > Wireless & Network > More > Network settings reset > Reset settings and that’s it. You need to enter all the details again to set the network connection.

Update the Google Pixel 2 XL

The latest software updates always come with bug fixes and this can fix up the Wi-Fi issues as well. So, check for any software updates by going to Settings > About phone and if an update is available, go for that.

Boot the phone in safe mode

In some cases, a third-party app can cause the issue with Wi-Fi. So, what you need to do is boot the phone in safe mode where all third-party apps are disabled.

  • First, tap the power button and then long press the power off option
  • You will notice the boot to safe mode option on the screen
  • Tap OK and your phone will enter safe mode.

If the Wi-Fi works fine, then it means an app is causing the problem. You can remove the apps you have installed recently, or perform a factory reset.

Factory reset

If nothing works, you may go for a factory data reset. As this will erase everything on your device, backup your files first. When you are all done with the factory reset, you will have to set up the phone from scratch. This will give your phone a fresh start


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