How To Fix Google Pixel 2 Overheating Issues

Have you bought a Google Pixel 2 and it’s becoming hot too often? Well, do not think your new smartphone as defective one as this is a very common issue and is faced by almost all the smartphone users now and then. If we keep using the phone for too long at a stretch or else keep playing the HD games for quite long, it is pretty common to face the problem. This article explains how to fix Google Pixel 2 overheating issues.

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How To Fix Google Pixel 2 Overheating Issues

Restart the phone

The first advice is to restart your phone. This is the simplest yet powerful tip that can resolve many small and even major issues. Just press the side button hard and the Google Pixel 2 will be switched off. Wait for few seconds and turn it on to see if the issue is still there or not. Over processing is one of the main reasons of overheating and once the device is restarted, all the running processes are stopped. So, it will naturally cool down the phone and you will face notable performance improvements.

 How To Fix Google Pixel 2 Overheating Issues


Reduce the screen brightness

Reduce the screen brightness as much as you can. Maintain a minimum level in which you can accomplish all your tasks. Higher Screen brightness while eating up more battery is also responsible for overheating. So, why to waste the battery and heating the device?

Delete the power-hungry apps

Our device is filled with so many apps while many of them remain unused since the installation. So, just uninstall all unnecessary apps and remove the extra burden. Head towards Settings > Battery and check what all apps are consuming more power. If you notice any app that uses unusual battery amount, uninstall it. In case the app is inbuilt one, then uninstalling might not be possible, in that case, go for clearing the cache and data of the app.

Use the original charger

Using the phone while it is in charge is another strong reason for overheating. So, try not to use your new Google Pixel 2 when it is charging. Also, another point is to make use of the original charger and cable for charging the phone. Sometimes, it has been seen that uses of other cables and chargers can overheat your smartphone, so it is always suggested to use the original charger and cable that came with your Google Pixel 2.

Boot the phone in safe mode

Another useful way to fix Google Pixel 2 overheating issues is by performing a boot in the safe mode. In case you are not able to find out the actual cause of this issue and nothing can resolve it, just perform this step to know if a third-party app is causing this issue. To boot the phone in safe mode:

  • First, tap the power button and then long press the power off options.
  • You will notice the boot to safe mode option on the screen. Tap OK and your phone will enter safe mode.

Now, check if the overheating issue still persists. If not, then this is nothing but a culprit app. Uninstall the apps you downloaded recently, or perform a factory data reset.

Factory reset

If you have performed all the required steps and still left with the same, the last resort is to perform a factory reset. However, take a backup before that as this step will erase everything from your Google Pixel 2. Next, you need to set up the phone from scratch.

Check the battery

In case the factory reset option didn’t fix the issue, then it might be the battery is not working properly and it is a defective one. So, contact the retail store or your carrier.


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