How to Fix Google Pixel 2 Clicking Sound During Calls

Google Pixel 2 users have been facing a peculiar problem while they make voice calls. There is a clicking noise which can be heard by the Pixel 2 user while making a call. This noise can be heard even before the person to whom the call has been made picks the phone. The clicking noise comes from the earpiece of the Pixel 2. Moreover, when the call is connected and a conversation happens and the audio is moved to the bottom of the display the noise still continues to come from the top. Users have described it as a humming sound. Here is what you need to do in order to fix Google Pixel 2 clicking sound during calls.

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Possible Ways to Fix Google Pixel 2 Clicking Sound During Calls

How to Fix Google Pixel 2 Clicking Sound During Calls

Google to the Rescue

Google had acknowledged this error and a community manager posted a message on behalf of Google in the Pixel User Community Forum. He mentioned in the month of October that the company will soon release a software update that will help in removing this buzzing or humming problem from the handset.

While you can wait for Google to come up with an update, there is an alternate fix for Google Pixel 2 clicking sound during the calls.

Disable the NFC

A clicking sound indicates some sought of RF interference and it may be because of NFC or Bluetooth. However, turning off the Bluetooth doesn’t quite make things better but disabling the NFC does.

Toggle the NFC off and the clicking noise disappears instantly. Here are the steps:

  • Go to Settings > Connected Devices > NFC switch and toggle it OFF.

For now, this is one solution which you can use to get rid of the clicking noise. But we also know that you require NFC to connect your devices so this is not something permanent. A software update which Google has promised to its users is the only way to get a permanent solution.

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