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How To Fix Galaxy S7 Slow Charging Problem

The Samsung Galaxy S7 seems to have some charging issues. In some cases, the battery fails to charge up, or the phone won’t turn on even after charging, but the most common issue is it charges very slowly. Here are some of the solutions that will help you resolve the slow charging problem.

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Potential fixes for Galaxy S7 slow charging issue:

Hardware troubleshooting

The first hurdle to slow charging that many people overlook is checking the power adapter of the phone. Samsung galaxy S7 comes with ‘Quick Charge’ which allows you to charge the phone considerably faster than other devices. Once you start charging the phone you will get a notification which says ‘Fast Charging is enabled’. If it does not show this, then there is a problem with the power adapter and you need to change it.

There may be a problem with the USB cable as well which is not able to carry the desired amount of electricity from the power supply. In that case, try charging your phone with a different USB cable and if you see a progress then it is recommended to buy a new Samsung charging cable. If the issue still persists, read on.

If the power adapter and the USB cable seems to be working fine you need to check the charging port to see if there is a dust accumulation on it. This situation may arise after using the phone for quite some time and is a hindrance to charging. In this case, take a wooden toothpick and clean the port carefully. Getting rid of the dust may help solve the problem.

Software Troubleshooting

If there aren’t any problems with the charging port and the charger components, we need to move ahead and try to resolve the issue from within the phone’s environment. Here are some steps which need to be done:

Clearing unnecessary applications which are running in the background

A very common reason why your Samsung Galaxy S7 charges slowly is the presence of a number of background applications which are barely necessary after use which will continue to run in the background. They go on to consume quite a bit of memory, which contributes to sluggish performance and higher power consumption. Clearing all these applications will help in reducing the power consumed and also help the phone charge quickly.

Steps to clear these apps:

  • Press and hold on the Home icon and release it when you see a list of recently used applications.
  • Go to the Task manager section and select ‘End all applications’
  • On the task manager, you can also see the ‘RAM’ option. Select that and clear the RAM memory.

Uninstall any 3rd Party Applications

If clearing background apps did not work, there may be a software bug on your device. The best way is to uninstall any 3rd party applications that did not come along with the phone when you bought it first.

For uninstalling 3rd party applications, the phone needs to go to ‘Safe mode’ first. To enable this mode, restart the phone and when you can see the Samsung logo, press and hold the Volume down key till you see the ‘Safe mode’ message appear on the screen. Now in Safe mode, you can uninstall these apps by navigating to Menu> Settings> More> Application. Go to the ‘Downloaded’ category and select the 3rd part party applications and then tap on ‘Uninstall’, and when prompted tap on ‘Ok’. To come out of ‘Safe Mode’ press and hold the power key and when prompted tap ‘Restart’ and tap on ‘OK’.

Performing a System Dump

System Dump provides you with an image of ROM installed on your device and allows you to perform a complete restore, which takes the phone back to its original factory settings when it was bought if something goes wrong. To perform a system dump, do the following:

  • Type in *#9900# in the phone dialer
  • A page will pop up, go to the bottom of it and select ‘Low battery Dump’
  • Finally, select ‘Turn On’

These are some of the ways which can help resolve the slow charging problem on your Samsung Galaxy S7. If none of these work, take it to the nearest Samsung Care store and get it checked by a technician.

  1. I just bought a refurbished s7 sumsung and it has very
    Been plugged for 4 hours and it is only 75% , I tried every thing you said and nothing , it’s been 20 min and it just increased 1%

  2. I left my phone on charging last night, surprise thunderstorm hits, my apt. complex is terrible with electricity, have had to have them turn of and on their main breaker many a time because some or all of my apt. would not have power/call them to our apt. to mess around with switches and then mess with the building breaker. So my charger (reg. charger) was plugged into the wall and my phone was on charging. I wake up, my phones at like 30-40% and not charging, the end of the wire, (the part plugged into my phone) was a little black, same with my charging port on my phone. I smelled and my suspicions were correct, both pieces were burned. Phone wouldn’t charge, at all. Fast forward nearly 2 hours, my phones at like 10% or lower, and I’ve been messing around with it, cleaned it out some and figured out that it will charge, with a newer Belkin cable at halfway plugged in, which they can’t do because they click in. And with an older Belkin cable, all the way in, but propped up and bent against a bottle. But. The charging is incredibly slow, somewhere around 10% in an hour. And when I turn it on, already tried safe mode, restarting several times, cache wipe partition, cleaned out a bunch of dirt or whatever from the charging port as well. Really running out of options. Wondering if there’s something I can do against this ridiculous apartment complex (tbh it’s pretty nice and fine in general regards except for a handful of regular apartment complex problems, I mean the place is even rated 4.0!) or if I have no choice but to take it to the store (I say this because this has happened when there’s no thunderstorm, huge sparks and blackened wall outlet when I unplugged my TV to move it and the living room, where the TV was, had no electricity. And about a week ago, I plugged in my dryer and boom, my entire hand shaky as hell for the day engulfed in sparks and the apartment was out of power for several hours before maintenance flipped the main breaker on and off for the building.). A lot of my business is conducted on my phone so sadly, I don’t have the choice of something that we debilitate me for more than a day or two.

    1. Though you have tried almost every method but I would suggest to uninstall the unused 3rd party apps and see if the problem is solved.

  3. The Samsung galaxy s7 charging is down to the settings there’s fast charge or you can change it to slow charge which is better as fast charge heats the battery up quick and the battery don’t last long when it’s fast charged so goto settings the device maintenance then click battery then click the 3 dots top right and click advance settings then you see setting fast charge you need to unplug charger to change settings as the fast charge setting will be greyed out until you unplug charger to change settings. I only use fast charge once through the day as that’s all it needs if you slow charge through the night and the battery lasts longer

  4. I find that with my Samsung 7 phone if I use the genuine samsung charger it charges in double quick time. If I use a compatible one it’s 4 times longer than with my Samsung 5!

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