How To Fix Galaxy Note 3 Not Reading Sd Card

A lot of users are experiencing a problem on their Galaxy Note 3 related to SD-card. The users of this phone are also facing several other problems, but Galaxy Note 3 Not Reading Sd Card issue is one of the most common and very annoying. If you are one of those users who are troubling with this issue, here are some steps to try on.

Besides Galaxy Note 3 Not Reading Sd Card issue, if you face other problems on your phone such as random rebooting issue, battery drain issue, visit us. All solutions are given here.

Galaxy Note 3 Not Reading Sd Card

Galaxy Note 3 Not Reading Sd Card

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Steps To Fix Galaxy Note 3 Not Reading Sd Card

> Take out the SD-card from the phone. Then install an app named Spotify. Launch the app and log in, insert the SD-card. It will solve the problem of installing Spotify. Before you go ahead with the next step, quit Spotify. For that: navigate to App manager > find Spotify and kill the app manually. But careful, do not delete the app cache or data.

>With an USB cable plug the Galaxy Note 3 to the computer

> On the phone’s internal memory you will to the folder Android/ Data. Copy it and paste to SD card. If there is no folder named Android / Data on the SD card, create it and paste the the folderAndroid/Datathat you just created.

> Now go back to Android / Data / “ your phone memory. There you will see two folders and two files, Users, spotifycache, orbit.settings, prefs. Delete the file named spotifycache.

> Run Spotify and download the offline playlists. A pop-up may appear with a message “playlists desynchronization”. But nothing to worry, it’s a positive sign. The message will disappear and if the Spotify starts, you will understand that you are successful.

> To make sure if these steps succeeded to fix Galaxy Note 3 Not Reading Sd Card issue, go to internal memory and check“. There should not be any change, which means you should see one folder named Users and two prefs files. But in the folderspotifycache / storage / ” on the internal memory, there should be the playlists offline.

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