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How To Fix Freezing And Rebooting Problem On Moto G

Different types of smart phones are available in today’s market, but it’s very tough to find a one which is bug-free. From that point, Moto G is one of the best that delivers an experience that is more like a premium phone but comes in your budget.

However, as like other smart phones, users of Moto G also are struggling with problems on their phones. Freezing and rebooting problem on Moto G is one most common that owners have reported on the forum. Users have reported that the screen is freezing and rebooting randomly even if when the screen is off also.

If you have bought Moto G, you might be experiencing some randomly rebooting issues , then you also may face this freezing and rebooting problem on Moto G. This problem may occur with a specific app such as dialer pad, or without any pattern. But there is nothing to worry as here are some potential solutions to this problem.


Potential solutions for freezing and rebooting problem on Moto G


freezing and rebooting problem on Moto G
freezing and rebooting problem on Moto G

1. When you face freezing and rebooting problem on Moto G, turn the screen off by tapping the Power button. Now turn the screen again. It might unfreeze the screen temporarily. But for permanent solution, follow the below steps.

2. Run your phone into Safe mode. Press the Power key and then tap and hold the Power off option until a window with ‘Reboots to Safe mode’ pops-up on the screen. You will see Safe mode text at the bottom left side on the screen if it worked. If you see that your Moto G is running fine in Safe mode, then one of your phone’s apps is causing this problem. So you can remove installed apps one by one until you find the culprit app.

3. You can also perform Factory Reset by going to Menu > Settings > Backup and Reset > Factory Data Reset > Reset Phone. But before that, backup the important data.

4. There may be some problem with the SIM card also. So you can use another SIM to check if it makes any difference.

But if all these do not work, then better to contact with the retailer or Motorola.
If the above method did not work for you, then click on the below link and find out the reasons of experiencing this freezing issue on your Moto X.

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  1. Thanks for help with the rebooting problem. My Moto6 will let me uninstall apps, but a few days later I find that the apps are back on the phone and it is cutting off and on constantly. I need a phone that will run without constantly shutting off in the middle of running.

  2. My g5plus froze while charging, solution: it appeared to be the charger data cable, after swapping it for a simple “charger only” cable I never had this problem again.

  3. I have continuous boot loop problem with Moto G4 plus. I flashed stock ROM successfully but nothing happened . Mobile start for 30 – 40 seconds but after connecting with any network ( WiFi or cellular ) again it restart. If anyone knows the solution for this problem then kindly suggest me. Thank You!!!

  4. Moto G5 – Purchased in April 2017 – Useless in August 2017. It keeps rebooting all the time and won’t stop, refresh/reset, replacement does this too. It wasn’t an issue with dropping or any other issue, then it starts out amazing and fast, then goes to a complete crawl (I have the 64 GB model and even with more external storage which I removed to see if that was it and I have the same issue).

    I really don’t think Motorola is a good option to go with, cheap price but you get what you pay for and then it’s a constant frustration. My old phones (Windows, another Android -> with a cracked screen and dead pixels is easier to use and faster which also doesn’t reboot randomly while doing basic things).

    Overall it’s worse yet reviewers should state how terrible phones are for support, technical issues as well.

  5. I have had the Moto G5 plus since May 2017. It’s worked great until the last system update a few weeks ago. Then my Google apps, specifically the search bar on the homepage, voice to text, and Chrome started malfunctioning. Phone would restart randomly and Chrome and Google search would constantly freeze.

    I consulted this post and others, ran the phone in safe mode, tried a couple of scrubber apps, uninstalled some apps I had recently installed…nothing worked.

    I got to thinking, I was only having problems when Chrome was active so I checked for recent updates. That’s when I found Chrome Beta. It’s in the app store, and it’s a version of chrome that they try new patches and updates on before building them into the mainstream release, so there are chances for glitches. But, the patches on the newest Chrome Beta seem to have solved the problem.

    I moved the regular Chrome off of my home screen, replaced it with Chrome Beta, downloaded the Nova app (a really cool homepage editing app) in order to remove the regular Chrome search bar from my homepage, replaced it with the Chrome Beta search bar widget, and I am humming along again. No problems.

    The only thing that still won’t function is the “ok Google” prompt as I haven’t discovered a way to unlink that from the regular Chrome, but the Chrome Beta widget voice to text option works just fine.

    I expect (I hope) that Google quickly builds some of the Beta patches into a regular Chrome update and all will be well and good again. Until then, this keeps me moving – and keeps me from doing a full factory reset.

  6. Thank you so much for the information on how to fix my moto g which I had gave up on as the screen kept freezing and I started using another phone. I then came across your article and my phone is working great again. I know it’s old but I really find it easy to use. It’s now in safe mode ..I am not sure what it means but I’m just delighted it’s working again. Thanks again

    1. Safe mode disables all the third party apps that you have downloaded from Google Play store.
      Great to hear that your problem is solved.

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