How To Fix Charger Overheating Problem On Moto E

The Moto E was released to the market in 2014, and become popular because in spite of having a low price, it still offers a huge amount of features. With this phone, you will get all the features that are available on an expensive smart phone. The built-in camera on the Moto E is a 5MP camera, and it supports Micro SD cards. By using the SD-card, the phone’s memory can be expanded up to 32 GB. All in all, it’s a phone which is worth its price. However, like other smart phones, the Moto E also has some bugs. Some users have complained about the charger overheating problem on Moto E.

Though this problem is not widespread, getting this problem frequently while using the phone is a matter for concern. If the phone heats up when playing games or if the screen is on for long time, then it’s normal. But the problem that is reported by the owners of this phone is that the charger is heating up when in use. Some users have noticed that the charger heats up within 10 minutes or so after being plugged in.

Here are some ways to solve the charger overheating problem on Moto E that you can try if you ever have this problem with your handset.

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Potential solutions for charger overheating problem on Moto E


Charger Overheating Problem

Charger Overheating Problem On Moto E

1. First, check the cable and the charger to see whether they are the official ones that were shipped to you with your Moto E. Also, make sure that the battery of the phone is official by opening the back cover.

2. Make sure that the ports (contacts) are cleaned; furthermore, ensure that the charger is plugged correctly into the wall socket, and the cable is correctly plugged into the phone. You can try another wall socket just to make sure that the socket is not the reason for your charger overheating problem.

3. If you have another charger from Motorola, then you can use it to see if the charger overheating problem on Moto E persists.

4. If none of the above steps work for you, then you can contact the carrier, retailer or Motorola and ask for a replacement.


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