How To Fix Camera Not Focusing Issue On Samsung Galaxy S5

Camera Not Focusing Issue On Samsung Galaxy S5
Camera Not Focusing Issue On Samsung Galaxy S5

Did you ever wonder why your Samsung Galaxy S5 Camera app crashes or fails periodically? Samsung Galaxy S5 is one of the most powerful android smartphones and has many features that many other smartphones lack. The camera of this phone is great and the pictures taken by this phone’s camera are of high quality. But as like other smartphones, Galaxy S5 also has some flaws and camera not focusing issue on Samsung Galaxy S5 is one of the major flaws faced by the users. Generally, when the screen is tapped in order to focus something that is few meters away before taking a picture, a green circle appears which means that the camera is focused. But for those who experienced the issue, the green circle is not coming and the picture taken is really blurry.

We have listed down some helpful tips that can help you get rid of this issue effortlessly.

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Potential fixes for Camera Not Focusing Issue On Samsung Galaxy S5

Method 1

The camera app on your phone can be corrupted or the focus feature can be corrupted, and this is why cCamera nNot fFocusing problem is occurring. In such a case, you have to clear the camera app cache. To do that, go to Settings > Application Manager > All Apps > now find the Camera app. Click on the app and clear app cache. Then restart your phone and check if the green circle is showing up on the screen while taking photos.


Method 2

After clearing the camera app cache if the problem still exists, then it must be any third-party app which is causing the problem. Boot your S5 to Safe mode. In this mode, all the third-party apps will be disabled. Now use your phone and check if the cCamera nNot fFocusing iIssue oOn Samsung Galaxy S5 exists. If not, then any of the third party apps is the culprit. So uninstall the apps one by one or conduct a factory reset.

To boot your phone in safe mode follow the steps here:

  • Turn the device off completely
  • Now press the power key for few seconds till Samsung Galaxy S5 logo is appeared on the screen.
  • Release the power key then and press Volume down button. The phone will be restarted.
  • Continue holding that button till the phone is restarted completely.
  • It will show safe mode on the phone’s left bottom corner and release the button then.

Once you are sure that this is only the third party apps which is creating this issue, uninstall them one by one by going to Settings > Applications > Application manager > swipe to downloaded options > select the desired app > uninstall and finally press OK .


Method 3

Another very simple but pretty useful trick shared by one of our readers is to just slap the phone twice or thrice at the upper backside exactly where the rear camera is situated and see the differences it brings on the picture quality. This step has been proved as very helpful to many users, so you too can try it to see if this can do the magic for you as well.


Method 4

Sometimes bugs in the camera app can cause the focus feature not to act properly. If this is the case, first clear the app cache from settings as explained in method 1 or else you can clear the cache partition also to fix this issue. To do so, follow the steps below:

  • Turn off your device first.
  • Next hold down the Home, Power, and Volume Up button altogether for few seconds and as the phone vibrates, release the power key but continue holding the other two buttons.
  • After few seconds the Android system recovery screen will appear on the screen. Release all the buttons then.
  • Use Volume down button for highlighting any options and Power key to confirm it. Highlight wipe cache partition and confirm it using power button.
  • Next select ‘reboot system now’ option and the phone will restart.


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Method 5

Finally you can perform factory reset but it will delete everything from the device and you have to set it from scratch. To perform factory reset head towards Settings > Backup & reset > Factory data reset and that’s it. It will erase everything from the device.


  1. So crazy, I slapped it really badly about 30 times and also threw it against the wall a couple of times and the camera focus started to work again. Crazy. Phone: Kiwani Samurai by Freetel (CORRECTED THE PHONE NAME, PLEASE DELETE THE FIRST POST)

  2. Buenas.

    La traducción es francamente lamentable. Parece sacada de un traductor automático de los malos.
    Si cambias por en la URL, verás el artículo original en inglés.

  3. I tried a number of fixes on this, and other websites, and method number 3 was the only thing that worked, I slapped the top back my s5 against a soft wicker surface several times an it is focusing close up just fine… thanks for the crazy, but successful fix,

  4. Really! I tried all methods, nothing worked and then I slapped. 3 to 5 slaps did nothing. Again 3-5 slaps did nothing. Then I slapped from front and back for many times and checked ”disheartidly” but it started focusing.

    Thanks for the method.

  5. You will not believe how simple it might be to get clear pictures. When I purchase my phone I never removed the to clear pieces of protective plastic that were covering the lens. One time while trying to clean the lens the plastic came off and after that I got crystal clear pictures duh!

  6. method 3 worked for me a small slap is the answer to most issues also works on a backchatting woman!!! Just joking haha

  7. I had to change my broken On5 Camera lens. The camera would not focus after the repair. I followed all of the steps, even the smack, when I came upon the last, “wipe cache partition”. I thought you were smoking crack but I had come this far. I’ll be damned if the camera doesn’t focus. Thank you.

  8. I have found with all Samsung products that they are highly specced and get recommended by reviewers but they are rubbish quality and don’t last. The rear camera on my S5 is not even mounted square to the phone.

  9. OMG im seriously in disbelief that i tried all this stuff but the thing that worked was smacking the back of my phone

  10. i just bought a used one and its the first thing i noticed – i did however see a small piece of debris (it almost looks like a broken piece of glass which i hope its not) inside the camera lens – it might be jamming the autofocus – it moves around a bit when u slap the phone a bit.. holding thumbs!

  11. I have a Note 3 and 4, both exhibit this problem , the Note 4 much worse. After much reading I found my solution (partly) is to tap the top of the phone near the actual lens and something comes unstuck and then it focuses but then goes in and out, but after a few taps i can generally get a focused picture. Highly troubling. I don’t want a remanufactured trade-in. Anyone fix this?

  12. Tried all of the above with no luck until I tried asif’s camera slap. I was doubtful about that method but it went from very fuzzy and out of focus on everything – even in bright light to being sharply focused after the camera slap. Thanks asif!

  13. let me tell you a solution. Put the camera on. See on the creen as to how much the image is coming; if u think its not very sharp, then tap (slap) the phone twice-thrice on its upper backside where rer camera is situated. Then see the difference in picture sharpness on scree. TAKE a snap and see if the problem is solved.
    My S5 had similar issues of blurred pictures. I tried this trick by chances and it worked. I was doubtful on Lens due to the focussing issue so i sold it off.

  14. Wow!!! I wish I had found this before I contacted Samsung. They actually remotely went into my phone, couldn’t fix it so they had me factory reset my phone. Which still didn’t work.
    So I did what you wrote and deleted the cache in the camera app and it worked!!!!! I was being told I would have to go and get my phone fixed under warranty. Wow. Thank you!!! I appreciate this post so much.

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