How To Fix Calls dropping Problem On Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung released its Galaxy Note 3 in 2013, and this phone managed to attract a huge number of users who were looking for a device with the large screen of a tablet and the portability of a smart phone. However, since its release, owners of this phone have been having several issues with their phone.

Here I will discuss the calls dropping problem on Samsung Galaxy Note 3, because many users of this device have been complaining about fluctuating signal strength. There are reports that calls drop within a few seconds after connecting. If you find that calls dropping problem on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is happening with your phone, and you are able to make calls from a different phone from the same area, then here are some ideas for you.

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Potential solutions for calls dropping problem on Samsung Galaxy Note 3


Calls dropping Problem On Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Calls dropping Problem On Samsung Galaxy Note 3

1. To find out if a third party app is causing this issue, boot your phone into safe mode. First, turn off your Galaxy Note 3 and then hold the Power button. When you see the Samsung logo appears on the screen, press the Volume Down button, and do not let it go until the lock screen appears. If it worked, “Safe mode” will appear in the lower left corner. If your calls are working properly in safe mode without any problems, then an app is the culprit. Performing a factory reset and reinstalling the apps one at a time is the best way to find out which one it is.

2. The calls dropping problem on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 may be related to the local network and your carrier, so it’s better to contact them and ask about the local service. You can also try to change the PRL (preferred roaming list) because some people have found a solution to the dropped calls problem by doing this. To do this, you can install the PRL Helper App and then find a list of numbers at the XDA Developers forum.

3. Navigate to

> Setting

>Mobile Network


> And select GSM ONLY OR select automatically preferred network


4. Most of the time, when users encounter this problem, it is because of some firmware that is outdated. Simply update your phone to the latest software version, and that should solve the problem.

Navigate to



>Software Update 


5. Normally, the issue can be simple; most people ignore the simplest solution, which is restarting the phone. Follow this method for guidance: Fix Call dropping by performing a tactical restart trait .


6. Dial *#*#4636#*#* in the dialer

>Navigate to Device Information

>Turn Radio Off/On.


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