How to Fix BlackBerry Z10 Slow Wi-Fi Issue

Though the BlackBerry Z10 comes with many attractive features, recently some of its users have faced Wi-Fi connection issue with their handsets. Many users have complained about the BlackBerry Z10 slow Wi-Fi issue. One user has reported that whenever he connects his BlackBerry Z10 to the Wi-Fi network, first it takes few minutes to connect and then performs very slowly whereas other devices such as PC and Android device work well at the same Wi-Fi Network. He has tried various steps, but none of them solved the BlackBerry Z10 slow Wi-Fi issue. Another user has complained about the same problem. He also added that whenever he connects his phone to the Wi-Fi, the connection gets slow after sometimes and also all the other apps on his BlackBerry Z10 gets hanged. Some other users have complained that whenever they connect their phone to the Wi-Fi, the performance gets slow.

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Solution to Fix BlackBerry Z10 Slow Wi-Fi Issue


BlackBerry Z10 Slow Wi-Fi Issue

BlackBerry Z10 Slow Wi-Fi Issue

Here are some steps to solve the BlackBerry Z10 slow Wi-Fi issue, and you can get rid of this problem by following the steps.

1. First of all, go to the Wi-Fi Settings on your BlackBerry Z10.

2. At the bottom, you will find a “Saved” button, tap the button. (When you connect with a network, it will be added to your “Saved Networks”).

3. In the Saved Network list, find your connection and tap on that connection.

4. Under the VPN Profiles drop down you will find Band Type drop down.

5. There select the 5 GHz option. (For 5 GHz, the Wi-Fi router must have 5 GHz, if not, then select the 2.4 GHz option).

6. After doing these steps, you will be disconnected from the Wi-Fi connection. But it will connect again after a few seconds. Then the BlackBerry Z10 slow Wi-Fi issue should be resolved, and you should notice a significant increase in the Wi-Fi speed. Some users have found a result after following the above steps, and one user has informed that his Wi-Fi speed on BlackBerry increased to 18mbps from 100kbps.

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