How To Fix Black Screen Issue During Calls On Windows Phone 8

The new Windows Phone 8.1 has already arrived in the market even though its predecessor, the Windows Phone 8 platform, captured the market with its excellent features and has continued to be extremely popular ever since it was first launched. However, despite the immense popularity and all the great new features, there were still several flaws with the Windows Phone 8. A lot of people have been having black screen issue during calls on Windows Phone 8, in which the screen of the phone goes black when the users receive a call or make a call from their Windows Phone 8 device. This makes the phone unresponsive, so it becomes difficult to end or cancel the call. This problem is mainly occurring with the Nokia Lumia 920. Here I am going to discuss the possible solutions for the black screen issue during calls on Windows Phone 8, and you can follow these steps if you ever have this problem.

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Potential solutions for black screen issue during calls on Windows Phone 8

Black Screen Issue

Black Screen Issue During Calls On Windows Phone 8

1. If you ever have the black screen problem while making or receiving calls on your Windows Phone 8, press the Power button twice. The screen should blink back to life, but you will have to end the call quickly.

2. This issue is most likely related to the proximity sensor, so make sure that your phone’s screen protector is not covering it. The proximity sensor is located at the top of the front face of your phone, just next to the front-facing camera.

3. Make sure that there is no dirt on the proximity sensor. You can clean it using a soft cotton or use compressed air on the top of the sensor to blow away the dust.

4. Some people have reported that they have found a solution for this problem by pushing on the screen of the phone where the proximity sensor is located. This solution suggests that the problem is a hardware issue.

5. You can ask your carrier for a replacement handset, though some users have had the same problem with multiple phones.

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