First Teardown Macbook Retina 12 inch Early 2015, What It Means for User?

New MacBook has started to be sold online on Friday, 10th April 2015 and according to some research companies, it has been sold at least 50.000 units. Users are curious about some advantages of New MacBook which is claim by Apple as its newest innovation in this year. Those New MacBook innovation are:

  1. New trackpad with force touch technology, where it can recognize the pressure level of our finger. This feature is starting adopted by some applications on OS X like iMovie.
  2.  Butterfly keyboard mechanism, where the typing precision become more accurate and thinner keyboard profile.
  3. USB type C port, the first port type on Mac which can accommodate some computerize needs like display port, transfer data and power.
  4. The new battery design which is adjusted with MacBook contour.
  5. A tiny logic board and the size just twice of iPhone 6 plus’ logic board.


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The proper naming for New MacBook is MacBook Retina 12 inch early 2015. Then, what it looks like inside? This is the first teardown MacBook Retina 12 inch early 2015.

First Teardown Macbook Retina 12 inch Early 2015, What It Means for User

It’s seen that the MacBook Retina 12 inch early 2015’s part is so minimalist. This thing gives a limited repair options if that MacBook faces certain issue. This MacBook is the only MacBook which combine SSD, Bluetooth and wifi into logic board. So, if you has issue with the bluetooth, wifi, memory or SSD, all you need is to replace the logic board and you will be spent a lot of money because usually logic board is the most expensive part of MacBook. If your battery has problem, definitely your bottom case need to be changed as well because battery is glued to the bottom case. The second most expensive part is display, the third is topcase with keyboard and the fourth is trackpad. The rest are only small parts and cable. For you who own MacBook Retina 12 inch early 2015 can start to realize that you might need to spend a lot of money if just one day your MacBook need to be repaired related to general description i have mentioned above.

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The interesting from MacBook Retina 12 inch design is the battery which is glued to bottom case, i hope it will not make the bottom of MacBook warm. From the teardown result of iFixit, they score 1 of 10 which mean very difficult to be repaired.

First Teardown Macbook Retina 12 inch Early 2015, What It Means for User

Source via iFixit