Fingerprint Sensor Not Working On Huawei P10 – How To Fix It

Huawei P10 is a great flagship model. It comes bundled with several interesting features to offer the ease of use. There are some drawbacks to this model. There have been recent complaints regarding certain specifications of Huawei P10. For instance, the users have complained about fingerprint sensor not working on Huawei P10. This problem with fingerprint sensor could be due to complete or partial failure of the available sensor in the model. This makes it difficult to achieve the proper activation as well as deactivation of the fingerprint sensor.

If you are also facing this issue on, this will help you have a seamless experience while using this smartphone for your convenience.

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Why and How to Use the Fingerprint Sensor on Huawei P10?

The fingerprint sensor on your Huawei P10 model acts as a method of authentication of your phone. The owners of the phone can use this feature to unlock their phone. In addition to this, through this unique specification, the phone restricts the users who can get access to the smartphone. The users get to not only unlock their phones but also access different web pages quite easily. Without this, the users are usually required to sign in to different web pages or do a confirmation action with the Huawei account. However, with this advanced feature, the users can simply enjoy web browsing without having the need to sign in again and again or remember any passwords.

If you are new to using Huawei P10 and do not know how to use the fingerprint sensor on this smartphone model, then here are a few simple steps:

Step 1: Turn on your Huawei P10 device

Step 2: Advance to Settings section how to fix fingerprint sensor problem on Huawei P10

Step 3: Click on the option “Lock Screen & Security”

Step 4: Here, click on the option “Screen Lock Type”

Step 5: Selection the option that says “Fingerprint”

Step 6: Now you just need to follow some simple steps for configuring as instructed by your smartphone.

Once you have enabled the feature of using the fingerprint sensor on your Huawei P10 smartphone, you can start using the same to ensure the safety of your phone. Moreover, once you have established the first fingerprint all by yourself, you can always come back to change or add new fingerprints to your device.

Configuring the Fingerprint Sensor on Huawei P10

The fingerprint sensor feature might look a bit complicated at first. However, this feature is highly convenient and simple to enable and use. The built-in technology of using the fingerprint sensor on Huawei P10 is available with a step-by-step instruction that can be followed as:

Step 1: Get access to the Lock Screen menu on your phone

Step 2: Advance to the Security menu under the general Settings icon

Step 3: Click on the option “Fingerprint”

Step 4: Click on the option “Add Fingerprint”

Step 5: Now you are required to follow the simple series of steps unless the fingerprint on your phone is completely scanned

Step 6: Configure the backup password on your Huawei P10 model. This would serve as an alternative in case the fingerprint sensor is not working on your smartphone.

Step 7: Click on the option “OK” to confirm that you wish to enable the fingerprint sensor option on your phone

Step 8: Exit all the menus and start testing the enabled Fingerprint sensor lock on your Huawei P10.

Turning Off the Fingerprint Sensor on Huawei P10

There could be instances wherein you would like to discontinue using the fingerprint sensor lock system on your Huawei P10 model. Whatever might be the reason, disabling the fingerprint lock system is as simple as enabling the same. The moment of the truth is that the Touch ID feature of Huawei P10 is not as impressive as that of the Apple devices. Therefore, in case the fingerprint sensor not working on Huawei P10, then you can disable the same with a few simple steps as:

Step 1: Go to the General Settings on your phone from the main Menu

Step 2: Advance to the section “Lock Screen & Security”

Step 3: Tap on the icon “Screen Lock Type”

Step 4: Turn the option “Fingerprint sensor” off. Confirm the same by entering the given fingerprint authentication

Step 5: Now, you can adjust the unlock screen security with the remaining screen locking options as Pattern, Password, PIN, or Swipe methods

Step 6: You can also go for not having lock pattern on the main menu of your Huawei P10 smartphone

Now with these series of steps, you can easily manage the functioning of fingerprint sensor for authentication on your Huawei P10 smartphone.

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