How To Find Out The IMEI Number Of Any Phone

IMEI number is the essential number of every phone, so it’s important to keep stored somewhere as this helps a lot to locate your phone in case you have lost it. IMEI number refers to the International Mobile station Equipment Identity. This number is provided to every customer when they buy a new phone. When you try to register or sell your phone online, you will be asked for this IMEI number. Also when you go to the police station to lodge a FIR for your stolen or lost phone, you will be again asked for this IMEI number to mention over there. According to the laws then this IMEI number of the phone will be blocked from accessing any network and making any call.

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IMEI number is linked to the SIM card of a phone. How many IMEI numbers a phone will have that depends on the SIM. That is dual SIM phone will have two IMEI numbers and a single SIM card phone contains only one IMEI number. Similarly the tablets with cellular connection will have an IMEI number. This number comes in a great help to make sure that it is your device only when it is found. There are few ways to find out the IMEI number of any phone. All the possible ways are discussed here.

Methods to find out IMEI number of any phone

You can find out the IMEI number of any phone in two conditions, when you have phone you can check and save and the second condition is that when you don’t have the phone that is you already lost it. Both the conditions are explained here.

When the phone is with you:

Method 1: USSD code

Finding out the IMEI number through USSD code is the simplest and easiest way that is possible in any phone including Smartphone.

> Dial *#06# from your phone.

> A number will be appeared on the phone screen. This is the IMEI number. Save it for future. This process is universal and do not vary for any phone.

How To Find Out The IMEI Number Of Any Phone-USSD code

Method 2: Locate it on the phone itself

If you have bought the iPhone 5 or newer iPhone then you can find out this IMEI number on the phone’s back plate. So just turn it around and note down the number. In case of iPhone 4 or any older iPhones this number is printed on the SIM tray.

Method 3: Find it from the phone’s settings

This number can be located by going to the settings also. This process is little different for the android and iOS Smartphone. For any android phone follow the below path:

> Go to the settings,

> Click on the ‘About’.

> Next you will find out the option IMEI. Click on that to see the number and if you want to have more information regarding the IMEI number then tap ‘Status’.

But to find out the IMEI number in any iPhone:

> First go to the settings.

> Tap on the option General and then select ‘About’.

> Scroll down to get the IMEI option and click on that to see the number.

And in any other phone this IMEI number remains printed on a sticker inside the phone. To find it out you need to take out the battery as it stays just under the battery in the phone.

All these methods are useful when you have the phone. But in case you lost the phone then you can find out the IMEI numbers in the following ways.

How To Find Out The IMEI Number Of Any Phone-battery

How To Find Out The IMEI Number Of Any Phone-battery

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Ways to find out IMEI number when you do not have the phone:

Method 1: Retail box

The IMEI number remains printed on the retail box while most of us do not have the habit of keeping it safe rather we throw it out. But it is good to keep the box safe with you for future use. The number you will find out in one side of the retail box.

Method 2: Bill

In case you are not able to locate the retail box then it could be find out from the bill of your phone also.

Method 3: Using Google Dashboard for the android phone

You can find out the IMEI number of an android phone from Google dashboard. This method comes in help when you have no other option such as the box, bill etc.

> Log into the Google dashboard first from Google account which is linked to your Android phone.

> Click on the Android option then which is placed after the green robot logo.

> A list will be visible with all the devices that are registered with this account with their IMEI number. You can note down the number from here.

So, you can now easily find out the IMEI number of your phone using any of the above methods.