Find Best Mail Apps with Rich Features for iPhone

Email is a part of our daily digital communication whether that is about work, friends, online shop promo and so on. We use e-mail to be able to be connected the update through it. Our habit in opening e-mail through a browser is suitable for someone who is using laptop and desktop, but in the last few years the application client came to our smartphone and gave an easiness in managing our e-mail. iPhone from the beginning has been equipped by default for client’s email called Mail. Mail has developed almost resemble Mail desktop application on OS X with its universal inbox ability, swipe gesture to delete and many more. Of course there’re  a lot of alternative email application that you can download in App Store, but we’re going to share 5 best mail apps with rich features for iPhone.

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5 Best mail apps with rich features for iPhone

#1 Outlook (free)

Find Best Mail Apps with Rich Features for iPhone

Outlook mail application for iOS is a reborn of the application named Acompli which has bought by Microsoft. With its power user ability that is suitable for them who are busy with business where their e-mail will be filled by meeting schedule, travel and attachment file. Outlook is integrating e-mail, calender and attachment file which can be connected with Onedrive or Dropbox.

#2 Gmail (free)

Find Best Mail Apps with Rich Features for iPhone

This application is special for your official gmail account from google where it’s a miniaturization for gmail in web version. By automatic consistence of interface and classification, your inbox will be adjusted based on incoming e-mail type. Gmail mail application is supporting switch up to 5 accounts if you have more than one gmail accounts.

#3 Mailbox (free)

Find Best Mail Apps with Rich Features for iPhone

Mailbox is an mail application which has bought by Dropbox. The famous idea of Mailbox is inbox zero. The snooze email feature makes the email disappear for certain time set by us manually or based on the available option. For example you choose weekend time for re-activating email and read them. In this application, swipe gesture become an idea which has been adopted later by another mail application including mail application. But unfortunately, at this moment Mailbox is only supporting gmail account and Dropbox and they have promised to give more support. With a good Dropbox integration, this app is suitable for them whose their life cannot far from Dropbox.

#4 CloudMagic (free/in-App purchases)

Find Best Mail Apps with Rich Features for iPhone

Cloudmagic supports lots of mail aacounts: Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo, Outlook, iCloud, Google Apps, Office 365, IMAP account and many more. Another feature in Cloudmagic is connected to application tool apps like: Evernote, Onenote, Omnifocus and else where you can save email on that application. With its Cloud service, our message will be pushed tp Cloud instead constant poling so it’s battery and data friendly. Another feature that you can get from pro version is multiple mail account feature, remote wipe data if you lost your iPhone and can download attachment in the background.

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#5 Tipbit (free)

Find Best Mail Apps with Rich Features for iPhone

It’s combine email, calender and contact with relevant social media, so you can get a complete atmosphere from you communication environment. Your contact will be synced by facebook, twitter and linkedin. It will ease you to stay connected with them. Furthermore it has a complete support for popular email account and IMAP.