Finally A One-Stop Solution for All iCloud Issues? – WooTechy ISalvor Review

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Activation Lock is a handy security protocol implemented by Apple on iOS devices. Whether your iDevice is lost, stolen or someone is trying to access your device, the activation lock will protect the device from such threats. Without entering the credentials, getting hold of the private data on iOS devices with activation lock enabled is impossible.

But, if you lost your passcodes, forget the Apple ID, or purchased a second-handy iDevice, you’ll find yourself with a locked device. And that’s when iSalvor comes to your rescue.

Wootechy iSalvor is designed to solve the problem of users getting locked out of an Apple device due to an activation lock. So, bought a second-hand iPhone but when trying to operate it, you’re asked for an Apple ID and passcode? No worries!! iSalvor can help you remove the Apple ID on iOS devices without a password even if the device is locked by screen lock.

Part 2: The Functions & Highlights of iSalvor

Let’s now have a look at the key features of iSalvor that makes it the best solution to access your locked Apple device because of an activation lock.

3 Modes to Unlock Your Apple Device

Whether it’s about how to bypass the activation lock screen, how to access your locked Apple device, or how to disable Find My iPhone when you forgot password, you can count on iSalvor. The software has three modes you can use according to your unique scenario.

Mode 1: Bypass iCloud Activation Lock Screen

When an iPhone/iPad is stuck on Activation Lock Screen, the user has to enter the passcode for the Apple ID used when setting up the device. Found yourself in the same situation? It generally happens when you purchase a second-hand iPhone and the previous owner forgets to unlock it for you. Well, no worries!! As one of the best activation lock bypass tools, iSalvor can bypass the iCloud activation lock screen without passcode thanks to its “Bypass iCloud Activation Lock Screen” mode.

Mode 2: Remove Screen Lock & Bypass Activation

Is your Apple device locked by a screen lock? Is it in disabled mode or stolen mode? It usually happens when you end up forgetting the screen lock of your device. Thanks to the “Remove Screen Lock & Bypass Activation” mode in iSalvor, you can fix this problem with ease. Use the tool and remove the screen lock and avoid bypass activation problem. After removing the screen lock, the tool lets you access your device and enter a new Apple ID.

Mode 3: Turn off Find My [Device]

If you have purchased an Apple device with Find My iPhone enabled and you want to disable this feature especially when factory resetting your device, you need the passcode to do that. In case if you forget the passcode or the seller fails to give you the passcode, iSalvor is the solution you need. With the “Turn off FMI” feature in iSalvor, you can disable the Find My iPhone without a passcode. You can then even enter another Apple ID on the device.

  1. High Success Rate & Great Result

iSalvor has a high success rate for its functions especially bypassing iCloud activation lock on Apple devices. The best thing is that it allows you to login with a new Apple ID after removal. You can use your iOS device as brand new and enjoy the iOS features without any restrictions.

  1. Safe for Device & Good Compatibility

iSalvor won’t brink your device as long as you follow the instructions. So, it is the safest solution to get access to your locked Apple device. Moreover, it supports almost every iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch models and iOS versions.

Part 3: A Little Drawback

The only downside of iSalvor that we noticed is that it doesn’t support all devices. However, the software is constantly getting updated to add new supports. Besides that, you won’t find any problem with the software to five your iCloud activation or screen lock issues.


You won’t find any solution better than iSalvor to fix your iCloud activation lock, screen lock, or Find My iPhone issues when you forget the Apple ID or passcode. With its user-friendly interface, you can easily get around all mode functions even if you have no technical knowledge. Moreover, it’s the safest iCloud bypass activation lock solution you can have that won’t harm your device. On top of all, it delivers a great result after removal. You’ll be able to completely delete the old Apple ID and enter a new Apple ID on your device.

Though it doesn’t yet cover all iPhone/iPad/iPod touch models, the coverage is already very wide and it is constantly getting updated. So, without any second thought, you can now use iSalvor and get access to your locked Apple device right now.

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