How to Factory Reset LG G5

Troubleshooting smartphones on your own before you take them to a professional has become a very common thing because you want to get rid of the issue as soon as possible. The overwhelming ways in which a smartphone controls our lives make it difficult to imagine life without them, so we want to fix problems quickly and effortlessly. A common troubleshooting step in fixing smartphone problems is resetting the phone to its factory settings. The LG G5 also requires a factory reset to fix certain problems.

When a factory reset is required, it removes all the files and apps from your phone and returns it to the same condition as it was when it came out of the box. This means you will lose all your data, but you get the chance to start from a scratch. Any corrupt files or unwanted application will be deleted.

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Data Backup

If you are going to reset your phone to factory settings, then the first thing to remember is that your data needs to be backed up.

At this time there are a lot of apps that can be used for backing up your data, but your LG G5 already has the provision of data backup in the Settings menu. While you can readily choose any of the third party apps for the backup, you can always choose to back up your files by going to Settings and then tapping on Backup and Reset. You must check the option which says Back Up My Data so that all data is backed up before you reset your phone. This way you won’t lose any data.

Alternatively, if you choose a third-party app, then you must follow the instructions for the app to back up your files.

Resetting the phone to factory settings without going through these steps will mean all that precious data will be lost forever.


Method 1

The first method to factory reset the LG G5 is through settings. For this, you must go to the Settings menu by clicking on the gear icon from the notifications panel, then tap on Back and Reset which will be listed under User and Backup. Once you are there, tap on Reset Device after making sure everything is backed up. The Reset Device option is at the bottom of the screen. Then you must choose Delete All. This will initiate the process of factory reset and all your data and apps will be wiped out. Once the process of factory reset is complete, your phone will reboot. Wait for the phone to restart and you will have your LG G5 back to the way it was software-wise when you purchased it.

LG G5 factory reset

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Method 2

If you are troubleshooting a phone where the touch screen is not working properly then you may not be able to reach the Settings menu and tap on all the options to initiate the factory reset successfully. At times like these, you can hard reset the LG G5 using the phone keys. Follow these steps to hard reset your LG G5:

  • Switch off the phone.
  • Once the phone is powered off, wait for a few seconds and then Press and Hold the Volume Up key and the Home key. At the same time switch on the phone using the Power key.
  • Continue to hold all the three keys together till you see the Android logo.
  • You will be presented with options and you must use the Volume Down key to scroll down to the option that says Wipe Data / Factory Reset.
  • Use the Power key to confirm.
  • Use the Volume Down key once again to go to Yes – Delete All User Data and use the Power key once again to confirm.
  • When this is completed, use the Power key to confirm a reboot.
  • Your phone will restart with all the data wiped off completely.
LG G5 hard reset

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You can then choose to use the backup to retrieve the files and put them back to the phone or you can start fresh by downloading the apps and creating new data.

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