Dreaming iPad Pro Features and The New Rumors

At this moment, iPad series is still not complete, and there are some rumors that Apple will probably make a new type of iPad that will be better than the current iPad Air. The list of the products from this category will probably look like this:

  1. iPad Pro
  2. iPad Air
  3. iPad Mini

Apple has a big plan to make a post-PC era with their devices, which has not been achieved yet. It is believed that the Apple wants to make an iPad with 12.9 inch display for the professionals’ market. Here are some of the possible key features that will probably be the part of the iPad Pro.

Dreaming iPad Pro Features and The New Rumors


  •  Beautiful 12.9 inch display, I believe Apple will not go for the K resolution. Apple will make Retina Display better in terms of length and approach to the Adobe RGB color. This in an important point for designers.
  • It will use the display technology of Oxide TFT LCD, which is better compared to the previous display technology, a-Si TFT LCD with lower power and a better sensitiveness — from Patentlyapple
  • Their display technology will use an Apple Watch technology and trackpad of new MacBook 2015: Force Touch. This technology allows a better pen stylus and additional features for the applications.

Processor and Hardware

  • The processor, is new gen 64 bit A9X or another new processor, A series with 14 nm technology and 3 GB memory. Processor and GPU will have the performance at least 2X compared to the coming iPad Air: iPad Air 3. Seems that processor iPad series will become like this: iPad Mini 4 with A8, iPad Air with A9 and iPad Pro with A9X. Or can also be like this: iPad Mini with A8, iPad Air with A9X and iPad Pro will use dual processor Apple A series which supports desktop class applications.

Dreaming iPad Pro Features and The New Rumors

  • Apple Stylus pen. Actually, Apple has some patents for stylus pen, but they have not produced yet and it seems that iPad Pro moment is a perfect moment to produce stylus pen which will have amazing features.

Dreaming iPad Pro Features and The New Rumors

  • Battery. Apple will keep the 10 hours battery life for iPad Pro.

Application and App Store

  • iOS 9 will fix iPad features, so the application for iPad will become more than just a universal application for larger display size.

Dreaming iPad Pro Features and The New Rumors

  • More Apps design for pro. This is something that should be expected. After all, this iPad will be different from all the others made over the past. It seems at this moment or in the nearest future, they will invite some big developers secretly to make productivity Apps and design apps for pro application special for iPad pro. These pro applications will be stylus pen and force touch feature friendly.
  • Split application feature. This feature will become exclusive for iPad Pro only, which means you be able to run 2 applications at the same time, like it’s done on windows 8 and Samsung tablet series. But, Apple will find a more elegant way and a better UI, so the apps can adapt excellently.

For now, all these things are just the predictions, but if you think about it, each prediction makes sense. I know that waiting for some new and exciting Apple device is not fun, but we will have to be patient, in order to see what Apple prepared for us all this time. I bet the new iPad Pro will look amazing, and I hope these predictions are true. If they are, the device will be a bomb. We will keep you updated, as we know that you are equally excited. So as we!


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