Discord mic not working – How to fix it

Many gamers prefer Discord to communicate with fellow players in voice, text, or video. This is one of the core features of Discord. However, there are several instances where you encounter the discord mic not working issue.

This issue can be very frustrating, especially if you don’t know how to fix it. However, you’d be surprised to hear that this issue can be solved quite easily. Well, stay tuned as we tell you several ways on how you can deal with the problem whenever it arises.

Why is your Discord Mic Not Working?

Several reasons would make a mic not function.

Ever ask yourself what the most obvious reason a mic wouldn’t work is? You guessed it; the mic might have been muted. Or it could be that you have set the volume to the minimum. There will be no sound from the mic.

An outdated driver or corrupted file could also be why your discord mic isn’t working. Also, you might not be using the correct mic for discord.

Lastly, your discord mic might not work because you have it connected to the wrong input and output devices. This is usually a common mistake that we understand.

Now that we know why the discord mic wouldn’t work let’s get on with how you would fix the issue.

Solutions for Discord Mic Not Working

Check if the Mic is muted

Before you conclude that your Discord mic isn’t working, check to see if it isn’t on mute. Sometimes, the solution can be as simple as turning up the volume.

Restart your PC

This is quite straightforward. It’s one of the most used solutions for several PC issues. You can also try to fix the mic too. Restarting the PC will restart Discord and, in that way, correct any mic issues. Check if the mic is working after restarting your PC.

Reset Discord voice settings

This can be done by going to the user settings and resetting the settings. The user settings can be accessed by simply clicking on the cogwheel icon next to your profile picture. The option to reset the voice settings is located at the bottom of the settings list and is highlighted in red font.

Turn off the Exclusive Microphone mode

The Windows Exclusive mode allows some programs to control specific microphones or audio devices. This feature doesn’t agree with Discord and can be a source of microphone issues. Turning it off will help solve these issues.

Update your Audio Drivers

As we mentioned earlier, outdated drivers could be one of the reasons the mic isn’t working. If you’re using Windows 10, typing in the search box “device drivers” will bring you a list of options in the dropdown menu. Here you can access the Sound, Video and Game Controllers, where you can update the drivers. Windows will automatically search for up-to-date drivers and install them.

Check the Input and Output Devices

We have told you earlier that using the wrong input and output devices would make your mic not function. This can be rectified by going to your discord settings and picking the right options. They should be connected to the device you will be listening to and talking to. A mic test should enable you to determine if the device is functioning well.


We hope that one of the solutions discussed here will help you resolve the Discord mic issues. If you have tried all of the above actions and your mic still isn’t working, then it’s time to contact your Pc’s manufacturer for help.

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TechnobezzAug 30, 2020

Discord mic not working – How to fix it