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How To Disable Auto Play Sound In Google Chrome Web Page

If you are one of many music lovers who uses Chrome than you know that moment when you are listening to the radio or your favorite album while surfing, then you visit a website and the sounds from that page start to play automatically. It is beyond annoying! Listening to the music from a player when some sound plays from the website is impossible, and it is necessary to switch off a tab with the background music or to stop the player. This is beyond irritating, but there are some ways to ease the action. Let’s see how to disable auto play sound on Google Chrome web page.

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How To Disable Auto Play Sound In Google Chrome Web Page

To disable auto play sound in webpages, there are three ways:

The first way is to go to Google Chrome browser page which plays the audio, and there is a small icon on the tab in the form of the loudspeaker. If you click on it with a right mouse button, you will see the small menu. To deactivate sound just click on “Mute tab”.

The second way is also simple. Go to Chrome address bar and type “chrome://flags/#enable-tab-audio-muting”, and you will see the highlighted option with ocher color “Tab audio muting UI control ” and click on “Enable”.

Then restart the browser. You will see that you can disable the sound with just one mouse button click on the loudspeaker icon in the web page tab and the sound will automatically stop.

The third way is to install a free extension for Google Chrome called “Really Mute Inactive Tabs LT”. Go to Unlike experimental mute function on the tab, it automatically turns off the sound on the inactive tabs, i.e. if you switch from the page that plays audio to another, the sound will be automatically disabled on the first one.





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  1. None of those options seem to apply. I don’t want to mute ALL sound on a web page but ONLY the sound on things that AutoPlay. IOW, if I click on a video clip, I WANT its audio. But I don’t want the audio of something that plays just by going to the page. As an example, go to and you’ll see plenty of video clips to play and I want their audio to play. But then click on “Full schedule for….” and start reading the schedule. All of sudden the sound will blast out from an AutoPlay video that I DID NOT click. THAT is the audio I want to not play. Actually I’d prefer the video didn’t play either because it might be eating up my allowable bandwidth.

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