How to delete duplicates in iTunes on a Mac or PC

Duplicate in iTunes is very irritating issue that blocks extra space in the Mac or PC, so it is always good to find the duplicate songs and delete the duplicates in iTunes on a Mac or PC. This is a very easy process but needs to find out the duplicates first.

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How to delete duplicates in iTunes on a Mac or PC

How to delete duplicates in iTunes on a Mac or PC

Methods to find out duplicate songs

> First head to iTunes and go to the ‘My music screen’.

> Go to ‘View’ in the navigation bar at the top of the screen.

> And select Show Duplicate items.

But sometimes there may remain same song of two versions. And if you want to keep both of them then choose ‘Show exact duplicate items’. This is possible by holding the option key on your PC and then View > Show exact Duplicates.

Once you find the songs you want to delete, next step is to remove them from iTunes. Here is a detail guide to do this.

Steps to delete duplicates in iTunes on a Mac or PC

> Go through the full track of the songs and select those needs to be deleted. Use control key in Windows PC or Hold command on Mac to select songs.

> Next right click and then press ‘Delete’.

> You will be asked then that if you want to delete the songs from iTunes. Press ‘Yes’.

> Again, a pop-up window will be visible asking you that if you want to keep the file in computer or want to move it to trash. Select the option as you want.

> Click ‘Done’ after deleting the songs. It will take you back to the cleaned up music library.

So successfully you are done with the process to delete duplicates in iTunes on a Mac or PC. Also it can be done using some third party apps like Tunes Cleaner, CopyTrans, TuneTastic etc.

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