How To Deactivate Your Viber Account

Viber is the application available for smartphones and desktop that allows you to send text messages and make calls to other people who use Viber. In order to use this app you need to be connected to the Internet (mobile connection or Wi-Fi). Even though this is one of the most popular apps, some users may want to deactivate their account for some reason. If you are one of them, keep on reading and we are going to show you how to do just that in our short and simple guide: how to deactivate your Viber account.

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How to deactivate your Viber account


If you are using Viber on your computer, you can deactivate it from your desktop but keep in mind that doing Viber will be active on other devices (if you have Viber on your smartphone, you will have to deactivate the account using the app – the steps are listed below).  Here is how to deactivate Viber from desktop:

  • Open Viber
  • Click on the gear icon
  • Next, click Account and select the option “Deactivate Viber”
  • You will see a warning message
  • Click on Deactivate


If you have Viber on your smartphone, you will have to deactivate it using the application. Once you deactivate the account using the app, the data Viber stored will be deleted. Here is how to do that:

  • Launch the application on your smartphone
  • Tap on More options menu and then click on Settings
  • Tap Privacy
  • Select Deactivate Account




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