Crunchyroll VS Funimation

You must be an anime fan to have looked this one up, aren’t you? Sometimes going by the name Japanimation, anime is a style that originated in Japan and has spread worldwide. Crunchyroll and Funimation are two online video streaming platforms with libraries purely made of anime. Since you’re probably trying to weigh between the two, this article will discuss Crunchyroll vs. Funimation.

Geographical and Cross-platform Availability

After studying the two platforms, it was found that Crunchyroll is more available to the world than Funimation. Funimation isn’t available in popular African countries like Kenya, but Crunchyroll is. In this way, Funimation is limited.

Crunchyroll is more available. If you search for its name in different app stores or try to sign up from virtually any country, you will find no obstacles.

Funimation steals the show in terms of cross-platform availability. Think of any platform – Xbox One, Amazon Fire TV Stick, et cetera – Funimation is available there. Crunchyroll isn’t bad, though. It only misses out on a few platforms.

Anime, Manga Library

As of November 2019, Crunchyroll had a collection of over 900 anime shows. The number should be over 1000 now. Also, it has a significant number of Japanese dramas. If you’re looking for A-grade anime movies, you will find them on Crunchyroll. Also, Crunchyroll is a great manga hub, and it features simulpub manga that you can read online.

If you love golden oldies like Future Diary and Black Butler, Funimation is your place. Not only does it offer classics, but it also shows newer videos such as Assassination Classroom and My Hero Academia.

Subs, Dubs, Simulcasts, and Simuldubs

Subs are subtitles, dubs are dubbed videos, simulcasts are streams being broadcasted at the same time they are premiering, and simuldubs are videos that allow viewers to enjoy the dubbed version of an anime update a day after it premieres in Japan.

Regarding subs, Crunchyroll beats Funimation. The subtitles on an anime on Crunchyroll are easy to follow, and you can edit them. On the flip side, Funimation has closed captions that cannot be edited (on the app, though).

Regarding dubs, Funimation is leading. Funimation doesn’t make you wait for dubs, so it offers simuldubs. If a movie premiered in Japan yesterday, Funimation will have it dubbed with subs before today’s end. Crunchyroll isn’t as speedy, so you should not expect a dub until after a while. Both Crunchyroll and Funimation offer simulcasts. So, when an anime premieres in Japan, you may stream it on either platform.

Quality of Anime Clips

Both platforms offer up to 1080P high-definition content. Looking at golden oldies, Funimation offers the same 1080P (HD) content you wouldn’t expect from them. Unlike Crunchyroll, Funimation doesn’t let you guess the quality of a video that you come across. Instead, it shows you the information when you look the anime up. This is a pretty good thing. Because if you know the quality of the anime, you can choose whether to watch it or not. No need to be surprised by a 360P tops anime.


Upon signing up, Crunchyroll offers you a 14-day free trial plan. After that, your payment method will be billed at $7.99 a month (premium plan). Funimation’s most basic premium plan is $5.99, but if you want to use more screens and save for offline viewing, you should consider going for the $7.99-a-month package. The pricing between them, therefore, does not make a tremendous difference.

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