Consumer Report Said There Is No Chipgate On iPhone 6s

The exciting report for the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus came today from a consumer report. Previously, the iPhone 6s users got the unpleasant news from someone’s report, which became viral on the Internet, named Chipgate. This issue is about the huge difference in battery life between the iPhone 6s processors made by Samsung and TSMC. Apple ordered the manufacture of their A9 processor for iPhone 6s from 2 companies: Samsung and TSMC. A few weeks later, there’s a benchmark showed the difference in battery life, up to 2 hours. Many users were worried about this issue. One day after, Apple responded officially that the news is not right.

Today, the Consumer Report – an independent institution – said there is no Chipgate on iPhone 6s. The company developed tests to simulate real-world usage of the device. They also made sure that the devices had identical settings in place and couldn’t be affected by the environment. Here is the report:

Cellular Use:
We measured how well the phones’ batteries stood up to continuous activity on the cellular network. In one test, for instance, we made the phones transmit at a nominal +10 decibels per milliwatt (dBm) on the same channel in the commonly used Frequency Band 5. We were able to maintain those precise conditions via the base station emulator to which the phones were coupled.

The result? Both phones stayed on for five hours of testing. The duration difference? Less than 2 percent.

Source: consumerreport

Source: consumerreport

Source: consumerreport

Source: consumerreport

Wi-Fi Use:
Another test simulated the data-intensive activities smartphone users perform via Wi-Fi, including browsing the Web and playing music. Our custom app automatically loads a variety of popular Web pages in succession and keeps repeating the cycle until the phone shuts down.

The result? Both phones stayed on for 11 hours of testing. The duration difference? Less than 1 percent.

So, if you are an iPhone 6s user or planning to buy it, you don’t have to worry about this issue anymore.

Source: Consumer Report via iClarified

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