How to Completely Wipe Your BlackBerry 10 Phone

Would you like to completely erase the data on your Blackberry 10 phone but you are still stuck and do not know what to do? Here are now the steps to follow on How to Completely Wipe Your BlackBerry 10 Phone. They are quite easy steps to follow and do not require you to have a technical mind in order to follow them. Your problem will now be solved after learning how to Completely Wipe Your BlackBerry 10 Phone.

How to Completely Wipe Your BlackBerry 10 Phone

How to Completely Wipe Your BlackBerry 10 Phone

You must first of all, backup your phone data on your memory card.

> You need to navigate to the phone settings. You shall then go to storage and access. Now move down and then turn on the icon ‘USB Mass storage’, next select continue.

> You should then have your phone connected to the PC by the aid of a USB cable.

> Now go to your computer then open “my computer” or you can alternatively go to the finder if you are using Mac OS on your computer.

> Scroll to your micro SD and then highlight all the items you would like to retain. You can copy and save them to your PC.

> Safely eject your phone.

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All the data on your memory card can now be freely erased. Here is how to Completely Wipe Your BlackBerry 10 Phone.

> Go to the settings section of your phone then go to the storage and access. You should turn off your USB mass storage in this case.

> Move down and then select erase SD-card. A warning message will appear on your screen notifying you that you may lose your data. On this last warning, select Ok once again. It will take some time for your data to be fully erased.

> Do not use your SD-card immediately after erasing the data.


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