Common PS4 Issues And Their Fixes

PS4 is being introduced by Sony back in 2013 but still, users are struggling with some of the common PS4 issues. PlayStation 4 is a powerful console that let the gamers enjoy every game hassle free and in case the console suffers from any issue and interrupt you while playing this is really very frustrating. However, most of the issues can be fixed easily without the need of calling Sony or running to them. Here in this article, we will discuss most of the common PS4 issues and potential solutions. So, keep on reading.

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The Most Common PS4 Issues And Their Potential Fixes

Problem 1: PS4 turning off/won’t turn on

PS4 power issue is one of the most common while some of the users stated that their console is turning off very often during gaming and some others have complained that their PS4 won’t turn on at all. So, PS4 turning on or off is a big issue that has irritated many users so far. Here are the solutions for the issue.


  • Sometimes the problem is not associated with the console rather it is an issue of the TV’s HDMI port and HDMI cable which gives rise to PS4 turning on or off issue. So, check the HDMI port and cable of the TV and then try using another HDMI cable to see if the issue is resolved then.
  • Check the hard drive next. To check it, first ensure the console is turned off and disconnect all the power cords. Remove the HDD bay cover then to see if the HDD is seated at the proper place and no damage is there.
  • The next suggestion is to check the power supply. Check if it is working properly with other devices. Also, check the power cord.
  • Reset the console. Turn it off, wait for a minute and unplug all the cords. Then plug them back in again and turn on the console to see if that can resolve the issue.
  • Finally if any of the above solutions do not work out, then contact the customer service center.


Problem 2: Console freezing issue

PS4 freezing on the home screen or else lagging while playing any game is another issue many users have reported. However, this is not a very serious issue and can be fixed easily by following some easy tricks. Read the solutions here.


  • Reset the console first. Turn off the device, disconnect all the cords, wait for two minutes and then turn on the console again to check if it is working then properly.
  • In case the device is freezing while accessing the network, then what you can do is download any needed stuff from the Sony support site to your computer first and then transfer them to the console via USB cable.
  • Also, ensure the PlayStation 4 is ventilating properly to prevent overheating of the gadget. So, place it in an open space and keep a fan next to it. Also, the internal fan should run properly.
  • Finally, contact the Sony service center if all the above solutions are not efficient for you.


Problem 3: PS4 Wi-Fi issue

PlayStation 4 Wi-Fi issue is another common one which does not let the users connect to the network properly. NW-31297-2 PS4 errors and WV-33899-2 errors are some of the very common that have been faced by many so far. Here are the fixes for the Wi-Fi issue.


  • First, reset the router and modem. Unplug the PS4 before that and then turn off the router, modem, unplug them from the power source and wait for few seconds. Plug them back in and turn on the router, modem. This will give a fresh restart to all the connections.
  • The next thing to do is try to forget the Wi-Fi connection on your PS4 and reconnect it again providing the password.
  • Check if other devices are working properly with the same wi-fi network. If yes, then change the DNS settings.
  • The router firmware is to be updated then as sometimes the outdated firmware can accompany bugs which are being fixed by the latest version.
  • Also, check the router’s location and then move to a location with less obstruction or no obstruction at all.


Problem 4: Blue indicator light blinking issue

The LED indicator light in the console turns to white while turning on the device. But before that, it becomes blue and then turns to white. But if the blue light does not turn to white and keep blinking continuously then it indicates the console is not working or else it is not functional. This normally indicates the failed video output. However, here are the fixes for this issue.


  • First, reset the console. In case the fault is associated with the device, then a reset might solve the issue.
  • Next update the TV’s firmware. The latest version firmware might fix up the failed audio video signal.
  • Also, check the power supply by disconnecting all the cords if any damaged is noticed.
  • Do not forget to test the HDMI port and the cable of both the TV and PS4 as well. If the fault is with HDMI cable then altering this will definitely resolve the issue.


Problem 5: Red indicator light blinking issue

The red indicator light in the console is another most common PS4 issues which is very similar to that of the Blue light issue. However, this issue is not that much common and is mostly related to the overheating. However, the red LED light does not let the device turn on and make it non-functional. Here are the solutions for the issue.


As the problem is associated with the overheating of the console so the main aim should be to cool down the device by any means.

  • So, give the console rest for some time. Power it off by touching the power button on the front and as you hear the beep sound leave it. Next, disconnect all the cords and leave the device unused for an extended period of time.
  • The next thing you can do is to place the console in an open space as it requires proper ventilation. Also, place a fan next to the gadget while ensuring the internal fan is running properly.

Problem 6: PSN problems

PSN issue is reported by many PS4 console users that do not let them connect to PSN for doing anything such as playing any games, buying games or connecting with the friends. If this is the issue then check here our solutions.


  • Try using a weird connection and check if the issue is resolved.
  • Reset the console.
  • Reset the router and modem also. Turn it off, unplug from the main power source and plug it back to turn off the PS4. See if the PSN issue is resolved then in your PS4 console.


Problem 7: Audio/Video issue

Audio video issue is another one that is being faced for various reasons. The problem can be of different types such as the video is working properly while the audio is not working and vice versa. Some have again reported that both the video and audio are not working on their PS4 console. Here are the fixes for this issue.


  • Reset the console first and go for updating the firmware and software of the PlayStation as this can fix up the issue easily.
  • The next thing you can do is check if the blue indicator light or the red light is blinking and then follow the solutions for that issue.
  • Check the hard drive. Turn off the device completely and then disconnect all the cords. Now check the HDD by removing the cover. The hard drive should be seated at the HDD tray for the device to work properly.
  • Have a look at the HDMI port and cable. If the port and cable are damaged then it might call such kind of issue. Replace the port and cable and check if the issue is resolved.
  • Also, check the home screen of the device and make sure all the needed options for video and audio are turned on.
  • If you have checked and followed all the above-mentioned solutions but still the issue is as before then contact the Sony center for help.


Problem 8: PS4 disc reading problem

The disc reading issue which is also known as error code CE-35486-6 is one of the most common PS4 issues that few of the users have faced so far. This error indicates the disc is damaged. The similar kind of issue is also faced with the downloaded or physical games. Anyways, this is not a big issue and can be resolved by following the below-explained methods.


  • First perform a power cycle. To do so, turn off the console completely and unplug all the cords. Next press down the power button for around 30 seconds and leave the console sit free for 3 minutes. Now plug back all the cords and turn the console on to see if something different is noticed then.
  • Update the firmware and software of the system and check if the issue is fixed.
  • In case the issue is related to any game then eject the disc and go to the on screen icon. Press option button in the controller and erase the game from hard drive. And if the issue is happening with any digital game then uninstall and reinstall it to solve the issue.
  • Rebuilding the database is another idea to fix the issue. For this, first turn off the console by pressing down the power button for two seconds as you hear the two beep sounds. Then press down the power button for 5 seconds which will boot the console in safe mode. Now plug the controller with the console through USB cable and select the rebuild database option.

  • Initialize the system. This is a very useful step that will erase everything from the console and will need to set it up again. To initialize the device head towards settings and choose the Initialize system > restore default settings option.


Problem 9: Disc eject issue

The disk eject issue is another important one which is must to include in the list of most common PS4 issues. As per the claim of the users while some console ejects the disc as soon as it is inserted some others have said that the disc is not ejecting at all. The auto eject issue might be associated with the overheating issue. The early PS4 model that accompanied a touch capacitive eject button was facing the issue more. The button was made of rubber which was getting overheated resulted in the rubber button to inflate and finally this was randomly ejecting the disc. Sony soon addressed this issue. However, if the issue is still faced by you, here are the workaround for that.


  • Perform a power cycle. Turn off the console, disconnects all the cords and then press down the power button again for around 30 seconds. Wait for 2 minutes then and connects all the cords to turn on the device back.
  • Try keeping the console vertically rather than placing it horizontally. If required look for a stand and place the console over there.

  • The third solution you can try is to eject the disc manually in case it is not ejecting anyway. But ensure to turn off the device completely first and to disconnect all the cords before that.


Problem 10: PS4 controller issue

Dualshock 4 issues can be of various types. Anyways here are some of the common steps to perform to get rid of those issues.


  • Charge the controller first. Next try pairing the controller with the PS4 again to see if that can bring any differences.
  • Reset the controller which can be done by pressing down the recessed button situated at the back of the controller.
  • Finally ask for replacement if your device is under warranty.


Problem 11: Black screen flickers

Very frequently black screen flickers while playing some game on the PlayStation is another issue and this is being noticed by some users especially when they have switched their TV.


Some workarounds are explained here as many have stated that these steps have helped them to get rid of the frequently black screen flickers issue.

  • Change the HDMI cable to connect to the TV while it is also suggested to try using a different HDMI connection.
  • Also, you can try another trick which is to set the PS4 video output at 720p.
  • Reset the PlayStation that can be done by going to settings > initialization > restore default settings. This reset can be performed either in safe mode or in the normal mode.

  • Update the firmware and software of the PS4.
  • Contact Sony for help.


Problem 12: Damaged HDMI Port and cable

Faulty or damaged HDMI port and cable is another issue which is not related to the software but it too has annoyed many users so far. Some users have reported that the HDMI port is damaged and the HDMI cable shipped with the console is not working properly. The faulty HDMI port can give rise to numerous issues so as soon as you notice something different in the port try performing the below explained method or else contact Sony for a replacement.


  • As soon as you receive the console check the HDMI port and cable for any unknown damage. If any damage is being noticed contact Sony and go for a replacement.
  • Also, try using another HDMI cable in case the cable is not working.
  • If any small piece of metal is being noticed in the port that is bending in the upward direction then bend it down using a small pin. Ensure no more damage is being done while doing this.

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