Common Netflix Problems And How To Fix Them

Netflix is the entertainment media platform that let us enjoy all kind of movies, series and other things with

Netflix is the entertainment media platform that let us enjoy all kind of movies, series and other things with ease. The only requirement is a strong internet connection and that’s all. Netflix is being used on all kind of devices starting from Android, iOS, iPad, computer, laptop while Apple TV, PS4, Xbox One and other gaming consoles that can make use of this app to stream the things needed.

But everything is bound to face some issues with times and there might be a time when you will be confronted with several kinds of Netflix problems that leave you annoyed if you were in the middle of an important part of a movie. However, every issue can be fixed by going through some steps, so in case you face any issues while streaming something from your Netflix app take a look at the solutions below.

The most common Netflix issues and their fixes for all the devices are listed here.

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Common Netflix Problems And Their Fixes

When you face any issue such as Netflix won’t load or Netflix error, the first advice is to go to DownDetector and if you find this service to be filled with so many complaints, then this is an issue of Netflix which need fixes from their part.

Problem 1: Netflix connection problems

Netflix connection problem is faced by many users which might be due to either improper network connection or other issues. However, to check if it is due to poor internet connection, try opening another website on your device. If other website runs properly, then you need to go through the following troubleshooting steps.


  • Whichever device you are using, android, iOS or a computer, restart it first.
  • The next task is to switch to Wi-Fi or cellular network in case you are using a mobile device.
  • If these fixes do not work out for you, restart the Netflix app.
  • Finally, uninstall and re-install the app to see if that does make any changes to your Netflix connection issue.


Problem 2: Netflix streaming issue

The streaming issue on Netflix is a very common issue that has bothered many users so far. Streaming issue indicates you will face bad quality videos or it will take too much time to start anything. While most of the time this may occur due to the poor connection, there are other reasons too. So, first perform a speed test to be confirmed if you have that needed SD or HD quality speed.


Restart the device: This issue can happen with any device you are using, android, iOS, computer or gaming console etc. So, the first thing you should do is to restart the device you are using.

Restart router: The next task is to restart the router and see if the Netflix not working issue is resolved. To restart the router, unplug it from the power source, wait for 60 seconds and then plug it back.

Restart modem: Similarly unplug the modem, wait for few seconds and connect it back. Also, do not forget to check the Wi-Fi router location.


Problem 3: Netflix errors 1011 and 1012

These are the errors which the android and iOS users are very familiar with. 1011 and 1012 are specific on mobile devices such as Android and iPhone. If you use one of these devices and have faced these Netflix errors, try the following solutions.


Resetting the Netflix app is the main fix of this issue. However, the process differs with devices. The process is different in android and iOS and those are explained here.

Restart Netflix on Android

  • If you are using Android then first navigate to the settings option from the Home screen of your Android device.
  • Open the App option which will contain the Netflix app as well.
  • Select that and tap on the clear cache, then clear data.
  • Press OK to confirm the process.
  • Now try to use the Netflix app again.

Restart Netflix on iOS

  • If you are using an iOS device, tap on the Home button twice and you will get a preview of recently used apps.
  • Swipe left or right to find Netflix, and once you do, swipe up to close it.
  • Go back to the Home screen and launch Netflix again.

Not working?  The next step is to restart your device to see if the issue is resolved then.

There are times when you might need to reset other devices as well such as Smart TV, gaming consoles Xbox One, PS4 etc. to resolve the Netflix related issue. So, the process of resetting Netflix in other connected devices is here.

Reset Netflix

  • Open the Netflix app on your device.
  • Next, you need to enter the code using remote ‘Up, Up, Down, Down, left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Up, Up, Up’.
  • As you enter the code, an option to deactivate Netflix will appear on the screen. Select that and then sign in again.


Problem 4: Netflix error 1016

This is another Netflix issue which is faced by the iOS users and it may occur on iPhone or iPad. The main reason for this error is the bad internet connection. Here is the fix for the issue.


  • First, you need to reset the connection of iPhone or iPad whatever you are using. Just swipe the home screen of the device and then tap on the airplane icon. Wait for 30 seconds and then again touch on that icon to turn off the airplane mode. Now see if the Netflix app is working properly on your iOS device.
  • If the first solution did not work out for you, the next step is to restart the iOS device. To restart your iOS device, press down the sleep or wake button till the red slider appears on the screen. Now drag that slider till the device is completely turned off. Once it is off, press the sleep or wake button again to turn it back on.


Problem 5: Netflix error 12001

While Netflix error 1016 is particularly faced by the iPhone or iPad users, error 12001 is faced by the Android users. So, if you are using an android device, you might have faced such error. Here is what you need to do.


The reason of Netflix error 12001 is the outdated data on your device. So, the solution is nothing but to clearing out the data. That goes for clearing cache and data on your Android device. Here is how to do that.

  • In your android device first open the settings app
  • Get to the Application manager or apps option.
  • There you will find out the Netflix app. Tap on that.
  • Next tap on clear cache and clear data. Press OK to confirm the process.

This will erase the old data from your Netflix app. Now try to use the app.


Problem 6: Suspicious sign in problem in Netflix

Regardless of what device you are using to stream the movies or music from the Netflix app, this is an issue which might bother everyone. What happen here is you will receive a mail that indicates someone has tried to sign in your Netflix account and in order to prevent such unauthorized access you need to reset the password immediately.


When you receive such kind of email you need to immediately reset the password of Netflix app. Also, do not click on the link that you received rather go to the Netflix website and reset the password from there. Here is how to do that. The process is same for all devices that you are using.

  • Go to the website and sign in using your login details
  • Tap on the option ‘My account’, and then on ‘change password’.
  • Provide the old password and then the new password in the required field.
  • In case, you have forgotten the password, tap in the option ‘forgot password’ and there are options that will help you successfully resetting the password.

That’s it. Your issue will be now resolved.


Problem 7: Too many users on Netflix

This is another Netflix related issue that is being faced by the users of all devices. It is very common to face when there is the bad connection or else you have shared the password with many other people. A message will be given to you saying ‘Your Netflix account is used in another device. Please stop playing in other device’.


If this is the case then you have to wait for some period of time to get the issue resolved by itself. It takes almost more than two hours to get back to the normal. However, in the meantime, you can check who is using your Netflix account and then take a step to stop sharing the connection.

To do so, you need to first change the password of the Netflix account by going to the website The process is mentioned above in details. Once you have successfully changed the password,next go to my account and sign out all other devices.


Problem 8: Netflix black screen issue in PC

This issue is specific to PC or computer which is faced due to various reasons. What happens here is the screen of the PC or computer goes black entirely leaving you unable to do anything. Here are the fixes for this issue.


  • First, visit this site which is for Netflix Cookies clearing. It will automatically sign you out of the app and removes some files from the PC. Once the cookies are cleared, open Netflix again and sign in.
  • If the first step does not work out for you, close the browser completely and then try streaming something.
  • In case you are using IE or Safari, try using Chrome or Firefox to see will it work in another browser.
  • The silverLight plugin is to be deleted from the computer for a better result.
  • Also, if you are using an antivirus which is invalid , it might be a cause of this Netflix issue. So, what you need to do is, update the antivirus immediately.


Problem 9: Netflix issue in Apple TV

Apple TV users might face several issues related to Netflix and here is how to solve that.


  • The first thing you need to do is restart your Apple TV and if it remains unsuccessful to solve the issue, move to the next method.
  • The next job is to restart your router.
  • If the issue is still not resolved, then you need to sign out of the app. If any error appears on the screen , just press the play button from remote and choose to sign out.
  • In case the error is faced while watching any video, press menu. And when the ‘who is watching Netflix’ message appears on the screen, sign out. Sign back in after few seconds to see if the issue is fixed.
  • In case you have tried everything and still facing issue with Netflix, just update your Apple TV and it will probably fix up the issue for you.


Problem 10: Netflix problems in PS4

Netflix PS4 problems are faced by the users of PS4 gaming console. It can be easily fixed by reinstalling the app.


When you face any issue in your PS4, just follow the below steps to re-install the app and your problem will be fixed.

  • Go to the TV and video screen option in your PS4
  • Tap on the option button from your controller and then select ‘Delete’. Next, ‘Ok’.
  • Once you have deleted, the Netflix app will again appear on the screen. What you need to do is select that and it will be re-downloaded.
  • Now sign back again to start streaming on your PS4.


Problem 11: Xbox One Netflix errors

Xbox One users too might face Netflix problems in their device, and again there are plenty of options to get rid of the issue. Read out the solutions here.


  • The first and thing that is advised to do is turn off your Xbox One completely and wait for 30 seconds at least before turning it back on. Sometimes this simple step might help you fix all the issue in just minutes.
  • The next step is to sign out of the Netflix app and then sign back in to see it that works for you. To do so, press the menu button on the controller and go to settings, log out.
  • If the issue still persists on your Xbox One, the final option is to uninstall the app from your device and then re-install it.


These are the main and most common Netflix problems users faced on several devices such as iPad, iPhone, Android devices, gaming consoles, and PC. If you face any kind of issue while streaming then it is always suggested to check the internet connection first and then go ahead with other fixing methods to solve any issue.

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