Common Huawei Honor 5x Problems And Their Fixes

Huawei Honor 5x is a great budget smartphone that has all the needed features that you expect from a high end and expensive device. This budget smartphone lets you enjoy everything from movies, videos, playing games, surfing the net and other tasks hassle free. The performance is quite impressive. However, many of the Huawei Honor 5x users have complained of facing some issues. All the issues faced by the users are only because of some small software glitch and they can be fixed immediately.

The most common Huawei Honor 5x problems are listed here along with their solutions. So, keep reading to know more.

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8 Common Huawei Honor 5x Problems And Their Fixes:

Problem 1: Overheating and battery drain issue

This is probably the most common issue. The battery drains too fast and the device gets overheated for no apparent reason. Here are the solutions for the issue.


  • Restart the device first. Because, if the overheating issue is happening due to some software glitch a quick restart will fix up the issue.
  • Do not use the phone while it is charging.
  • Streaming high-resolution videos too can be the reason of the overheating and battery drain issue. So, try lowering the resolution.
  • Also, you should know that the phone is not capable of playing high end and intensive 3D games. So, put a limit on that.
  • Go to the Settings > Battery and battery usage to see the battery usage by different apps and games. If any app uses too much battery, then it is better to uninstall from the device.
  • Boot the phone in safe mode to see if any culprit app is creating the issue and then uninstall it from your Huawei Honor 5x.
  • Finally, perform a factory reset.


Problem 2: Slow performance

The Honor 5x forums are filled with so many issues and the slow performance is pretty common. The device is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 616 processor, so you can enjoy a decent performance. However, if the slow performance bothers you, then read here the solutions.


  • Restart the device once and then move ahead with other solutions.
  • If you have not updated the device for a while, then it is the time as latest version carries bug fixes. Check if any update is available by going to settings>About phone and software update.
  • The next task is to enable the developer option and then reduce the animation settings which will automatically have a good effect on the performance. In order to turn on developer option go to settings> about phone and tap on the build number around 7 times. Now, it will enable developer option. Scroll down to get the option and then reduce the animation settings.
  • Turn on power saving mode and select the normal mode among the three options available which enhance the performance.
  • Uninstall the apps you don’t use anymore.
  • If you have tried all the stated ideas but still left with the same situation then go for performing a factory reset by going to settings>backup & reset> Factory data reset> Reset all. Don’t forget to backup your data.


Problem 3: Wi-Fi issue

Honor 5x not connecting to wifi, Honor 5x denied access to the network or else very poor and slow Wi-Fi connection are also among common issues. Here are all the possible fixes.


  • Restart your Huawei Honor 5x first and also go for restarting the router and modem. Plug them off from the power source, wait for few seconds and put the plug back to turn it on.
  • Update your device. You can check for that by going to settings and updater. Also, update all other apps on the device.
  • Check the Mac address of the Wi-fi network by going to Settings>Wi-Fi> configure and ensure that the address is supported by the router.
  • Forget the Wi-Fi network for which you are facing the issue by going to Settings> Wi-Fi and tap on the Wi-Fi network name to forget it. Follow the same method to reconnect it using the username and password.
  • Another important point is to check if the power saving mode is enabled as this will turn off the Wi-Fi automatically to save some percentage.
  • Factory reset the device if nothing can resolve the Honor 5x not connecting to wifi issue.


Problem 4: Bluetooth connectivity issue

Another connectivity issue is with the Bluetooth. Here are some fixes:


  • Restart the device first.
  • Next, delete all the prior Bluetooth pairings and try to set them from scratch.
  • Ensure the Bluetooth connection is discoverable.
  • Next, make sure the Huawei device is discoverable by going to settings> Bluetooth. Now enable Visibility by toggling the Bluetooth switch. Configure for how long the phone will be discoverable by tapping more and selecting the Visibility Timeout.
  • Factory reset the device.


Problem 5: Too much bloatware

Bloatware is not something you want on your device as it occupies some valuable amount of memory space on the device. If 1GB space is filled with the bloatware then just think how it can affect the device performance. So, it is always good to get rid of it. Here is how you can get rid of too much bloatware.


  • You need to uninstall all that pre-installed app that are not needed by going to settings> app manager and then select the unused apps to uninstall them from the device.
  • However, there are many apps on the device that you can’t uninstall. If you choose to root the device then it will open many ways to get rid of those unused apps. But, a rooted device will void the guarantee. So, keep that also in mind.


Problem 6: Not able to eject the SIM tray

Not being able to eject the SIM tray is another issue people have been complaining about. Try the following:


  • Ensure you use the SIM tray tool that came with the box of Huawei Honor 5x.
  • SIM tray eject tool is to be used to take out the SIM tray. But in case you do not have that then you may use a paperclip.
  • Ensure you are following the right method to eject the SIM tray.
  • If you have tried all these, then take it to the technician.


Problem 7: SD card is not detected

Users have claimed that they have already inserted the SD card in the right slot but unfortunately, their Huawei Honor 5x is not detecting the SD card. Here is what to try:


  • First, restart the device and insert the SD card again to see if it can detect it.
  • You need to ensure the SD card is working well. So, insert the card in another device to see if it is being detected. If not, then this is a faulty SD card and if it is working fine then follow the other stated methods.
  • Next, format the SD card by inserting it into a PC and check if the SD card is being detected by your Huawei Honor 5x.
  • Also, ensure that the SD card slot is not damaged. Try using another SD card to check that.
  • You can take it to the technician if you are not able to fix up the issue this way.


Problem 8: Unresponsive Touch screen

Unresponsive touch screen or else inaccuracy in the touch screen is reported by many of the Huawei Honor 5x users. Anyways, this is not a big issue and can be handled easily. Read here the possible fixes for it.


  • Restart the device.
  • In case you are wearing a glove then do not forget to enable the glove mode by going to settings>Smart assistance> Glove mode.
  • Also, if you bought a case, it may be the case is interfering with the touch screen. So, remove the case and see if that brings any changes in the Touch screen activity.
  • Ensure there is no dust, dirt, water, etc. on your screen to interfere the touch screen activity.
  • Finally, perform a factory reset. If the touch screen does not perform properly then do the factory reset using the hard buttons.


These are the most common Huawei Honor 5x problems and their fixes So, if you are facing any of the listed issues, just follow the instructions mentioned here and get rid of it immediately.

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