Common Google Pixel 2 Issues And Their Fixes

The Google Pixel 2 is a great smartphone to own. The latest flagship from Google has been equipped with some cool features and is a fair buy. Nevertheless, like the other smartphones, Google Pixel 2 does have a few problems its users face. We have tried to cover all the common Google Pixel 2 issues and their fixes in this guide.

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List of common Google Pixel 2 issues and their fixes

Problem 1: Poor Color Saturation

Common Google Pixel 2 Issues And Their Fixes

Pixel 2 has a massive 6-inch OLED screen which is quite a beauty. But users seem to be unhappy by the display problems of Google Pixel 2. Complaints include – unsaturated colors, black smear, screen burn-in, blue tint or poor colors on the screen.

Solution 1

If you find the screen to be blue then the problem doesn’t lie in the screen. Since it is an OLED screen, the blue screen may be seen only from specific angles. Still, Google has taken care of this problem and in one of their updates, they added screen calibration. So, if you find the colors to be dull or unsaturated then you can change some Display Settings that will give you a brighter screen:

  • Go to Settings > Display > Advanced > Colours – under which you will be given three options namely saturated, natural and boosted. Natural is simple shows neutral colors, Boosted is a bit more enhanced than natural and Saturated is the best and has deep colors. You can keep your phone display to Boosted so you get the brighter colors on the screen.

Solution 2

For those who are facing screen burn-in issues should also resort to the same solution as above. If you still find faint lines or image retention then you can contact Google if your phone is still under warranty and get a replacement. Google offers a manufacturer’s defect warranty of two years to its Pixel 2 users.


Problem 2: WiFi not Connecting Properly

Common Wi-Fi connectivity complaints have often been brought up by customers. Complaints range from sudden drops, speed or connectivity problems. This isn’t exactly a problem, but more of a glitch.


The simplest method is toggling the WiFi off and then back on again. Test your WiFi connection after this, if it fails then try rebooting your phone.

If your phone is still experiencing WiFi issues, it’s always advised to go to your WiFi network list and reset any existing network routers or modems. Forget existing networks and reconnect to them back again. This should certainly solve the problem.


Problem 3: Phone Crashes when on Portrait mode

Common Google Pixel 2 Issues And Their Fixes

The brand new range of Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL smartphones boast one of the best cameras in the smartphone world. And when compared to other phones, Pixel 2’s camera does stand out from the crowd. Despite being known for taking amazing pictures, the camera has brought up a few complaints since the phone’s release.

One of the most common issues is about the camera application crashing when you switch to portrait mode.


Simply restart the app again and this might solve the problem. It could be a software issue in the most extreme of cases. Timely phone updates could be a solution. Google usually resolves such issues in their updates. This should help most of the times.


Problem 4: Fingerprint Scanner Glitch

Pixels fingerprint scanner also called as Pixel Imprint, is fast and accurate. It hardly takes a few seconds to unlock your smartphone. But sometimes the phone fails to recognize a fingerprint and flashes “Incorrect Fingerprint”.


This could be because the user might have used a dirty finger to unlock the phone. Problems also occur when you install a new case for your phone.

We recommend you delete all previously saved fingerprints and configure new ones on to your phone. Save more than one finger so that alternatives are available in case a fingerprint doesn’t work.


Problem 5: Battery

Issues with a smartphone’s battery are relatively common. It’s very common to see a phone’s battery get drained after just a few hours after a full charge. This is common with the Google Pixel 2. One possible cause could be that an application can function properly with the all-new Android Oreo Update.


The best possible way to make the best use of your battery life is by adjusting the brightness, the location settings, and most importantly, closing apps which are no longer in use.

Google Pixel 2 also gives you the option of tracking battery usage application wise. Go to your phone’s SETTINGS. Search for and select the BATTERY option. A list of applications besides which percentage wise battery consumption is displayed. Force close any unused apps which eat up all the battery life of your phone.

In extreme cases, you may even make use of the Battery Saver option where the phone automatically customizes its settings to save power of the phone.


Problem 6: Phone Gets Heated Up Regularly

There are instances when your smartphone may overheat when charging or especially when you use fast charging USB cables to charge your device. This happens with the Pixel 2 as well.


Fast charging enables 50% of the charge to be completed in a matter of 20 mins, thereby giving the Pixel 2 an unbeatable battery life. However, this results in your phone getting overheated. Sometimes even a faulty application that keeps running in the background, can cause the overheating. Such apps end up using a chunk of your battery. Similar cases arise when you use navigation apps which also cause the phone to heat up.

Hence, we urge you to eliminate such faulty apps or maybe just delete and reinstall them. Also keep in mind that once you put your phone for charging, leave it like that until its fully charged.


Problem 7: Poor Bluetooth Connectivity

Google Pixel 2 has had numerous Bluetooth issues ever since its release.


The news is out that the latest Android update 8.1 Oreo may have the solution to the problem.

The latest range of Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL phones have much better Bluetooth connectivity; however, the problem comes when you connect your phone to your car infotainment system.

It’s highly recommended to delete all previous Bluetooth pairings and pair your phone with connections you actively use. This should do the trick.


Problem 8: Phone Lags Regularly

There are high chances that after a few months from purchase, your phone may have slowed down a bit. Problems such as slow response time, phone hanging etc., arise. What causes them? It’s a problem mostly linked to your phone’s memory.


A faulty app may eat up a large part of your memory causing the phone to dis-function. Uninstall or Disable that app to see improvements. The next possible solution is freeing up your phones memory space to speed up its RAM. A full memory phone is a slow phone.


Problem 9: Random Clicking Sounds

One of the most intriguing problems reported on a Google Pixel 2 phone is a type of clicking or hissing sound.


Despite not reported on many phones, Google has managed to release a fix for the same. Google earlier advised that turning off the NFC could fix the issue temporarily. If the problem persists, it could be a hardware problem and might need parts replacement. This can be done at any certified Google mobile outlet.


Problem 10: Issues while recording Audio

This is a problem which arises during video recording. The audio recording is distorted or is of very bad quality. The problem could lie either in the microphone hardware or it could be a simple software problem.


Update your Android to the latest Android 8.1 Oreo to get this fixed. If the problem persists, get your phone to a certified Google mobile outlet.


Problem 11: Random Reboots

Users have often complained that their phones reboot themselves automatically. The pattern of these reboots is very random in nature and continued over large periods of time.


This is very much related to Software rather than hardware. Google has acknowledged the problem and announced that an update is on its way which will fix it.


Despite the common problems on your Google Pixel 2 device, it remains one of the best phones in the market. The final verdict is that it is certainly an upgrade on its predecessor model and will be one of the strongest competitors to Apple, Samsung, etc. for many more years to come.

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