How To Change USB Connection Options On Samsung Galaxy S5

Sometimes you need to configure or modify the USB settings on your Samsung Galaxy S5 to let your phone charge, sync or perform certain tasks when it is connected to your computer. To transfer files between the two devices (Galaxy S5 and computer) you can choose between USB Mass Storage (UMC or MSC) and the Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) modes. Both these modes are having same types of functions, and both allow you to transfer files, videos, photos, etc.


Change USB Connection Options On Samsung Galaxy S5

USB Connection Options On Samsung Galaxy S5

Change USB Connection Options On Samsung Galaxy S5


Below are the steps to change USB connection options on Samsung Galaxy S5. You can follow them if you want to change the USB connection options on your Galaxy S5.


  • Plug the USB cable in your Galaxy S5.
  • After you have plugged in the USB cable into your Galaxy S5, touch the notification bar and drag it to down.
  • Under Notifications, you will see an optionConnected as a media device. Touch this option. Doing so the screen will prompt you with other available USB options, and you can choose among them.
  • Touch the option from the list that you want to use. For example, you can touch MTP or Media device. After selected, you will see a mark in the checkbox next to the selected option.
  • Now take a look at the above notification. It will say that your Galaxy S5 is now connected as a media device or camera. It will depend on the option that you selected in the previous steps.
  • The MTP lets you use other functions on the device. It supports MSDRM or Windows Media Digital Rights Management. When connected, you can transfer any file because there is no limitation on file size that you want to transfer and is used on a PC-only mode.
  • The Functions MSC or UMS doesn’t provide other operations when connected. The UMS or MSC lets you access files through a car-kit and the files can be used on a Mac or Windows computer. In this mode, there is a limit of file size, which is 4 GB.


By following these simple steps, you can easily change USB connection options on Samsung Galaxy S5.

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