How to change Galaxy S5 Fonts and Font Size

Samsung Galaxy S5 has a large screen, but the larger the screen, the harder to read texts of small sizes. You can zoom in the browsers to read text or messages but zoom in is not possible for most of the apps. Zooming is possible only for browsers and apps like Messaging. And also sometimes we get bored accessing the smart phone in same font. So, if you want to change Galaxy S5 Fonts and Font Size, follow our below tips.

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change Galaxy S5 Fonts and Font Size

change Galaxy S5 Fonts and Font Size

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Tips to change Galaxy S5 Fonts and Font Size

Change Font size

Two ways are there to change Galaxy S5 font size:

Settings > Personalization > Accessibility > Vision > Font Size

Settings > Display > Font

The font size can be changed from Tiny to Huge, such as Small, Extra Small, Tiny, Huge, Extra Large, Large, and Medium.

Change Fonts

As like font size you can also change the font types on your Galaxy S5 using an app. Do not worry, these types of apps are available for free on Play Store. Below are some of them that you can try:

HiFontThis app was mainly created to use different types of fonts on your Galaxy S5. By downloading this app, you can make use of various fonts. This app also supports the users own custom fonts.

iFontThis app is designed to let you download hundreds of fonts and install them on your Galaxy S5. So very often you can change the fonts, and it will make the phone look new every day. So forget about buying a new handset which many of us do after using a phone for few months. This app also allows you to change the font size.

So, change Galaxy S5 Fonts and Font Size whenever you want and enjoy the new look of your phone every day.